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A Gorgeous Week on Ambergris Caye and A Severed Toe

HOLY CRAP!  Can you believe that it is March?  Actually…can you believe that it is 2019?!?!

It’s been a HOT breezy gorgeous week on our island – and I took lots of snap shots all over the place.

Starting on Tuesday morning – the day when vendors comes from the mainland to sell fruits and veggies on Back A Back Street. I think it all starts around dawn.   (Back a Back Street = In Back of Back Street)

Here’s a napping Mennonite much later.  Around 10.30am.

The House of Culture opened a new exhibition for Carnaval on Friday night.

All the festivities started last night!  The town council has a serious calendar this year.  Today, the kids will be in the park painting and partying.

This new sign has gone up at the old Capricorn Restaurant – now the new Capricorn Restaurant…coming soon.

Here’s a photo from 2014 – the last one I have when it was open.

And the new sign on the road.

I popped into Rojo Lounge for a quick errand but stayed to take pictures.  Looking so beautiful!

I headed across the lagoon to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – on the west side of the island – for a few nights.

Our paw patrol – Ginger, Elsie and Frannie.

Guests were celebrating an anniversary and Chef Marvin made DEEEElicious sushi.

We all love the camp.

The road north is coming along beautifully!  Currently the machines are working just south of the Secret Beach junction.  It makes my life so much easier.  A ride to town that WAS about 55 minutes is now 30.

More pictures…Sandy Toes Beach Bar in Boca Del Rio area.

My neighborhood – 7 miles north.

And then town this morning…

We hadn’t expected to make the trip until much later but then…

Jeff slammed his foot in the front door – the HEAVY front door – and almost severed off the middle toe on his left foot.  Not pretty at all.

But again…Dr Dan Gonzalez to the rescue.  Over 20 stitches and it’s reattached.

Jeff just had stitches about one month ago after dropping a case of beer bottles and then falling forward…

This situation was worse (though not even CLOSE to what happened in November) but all is good now.


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4 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Week on Ambergris Caye and A Severed Toe

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Yikes! I am behind on social media and missed the severed toe incident. I sure hope Jeff’s toe heals up fast, and you need to tell him enough already with the medical emergencies. 🙂

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