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I Won’t Dwell On It…

Happy Sunday morning all.  It’s been over a week since I last posted.  And while I have slowed down a bit here in the last few months to work on a bigger project, this has been too long of a stretch.  And I can sugar coat the reasons why but…

It’s been the weather.  Hazy.  Chokingly hot. Bright blue sky barely peeking out at all.  I’ve heard that brush fires in Mexico from the DRY weather are exacerbating this strange weather.

And the sargassum that has been plaguing us to some degree for the past year, has become overwhelming.

This is “our beach” at 7 miles north.

There.  I said it.  And I won’t dwell on it here.

And, instead, show you some pictures of the great stuff from my last week.  Because there is tons of it.

A stubborn calico hiding under our golf cart.

A nesting tropical mockingbird in the May Plum tree.

Pineapple right now is ridiculously over the top sweet.

The new fountain in town set up by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Fido’s Bar closed for renovations.

Pigtail makes everything better.  Or it does for me.  Split peas, salty pig tail and dumplings is the ULTIMATE comfort food.

Streusel muffins from Sol Cafe a few miles north of the bridge work too.

Love the gorgeous artwork.

I tried a cool technique to clean the calcification off sea shells.  It really works but BE CAREFUL and read up on this first.  Muriatic acid is no joke.

And here is where I found most of these shells.


The tulip shells really really shine.



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1 thought on “I Won’t Dwell On It…

  1. mystery boy

    That golf cart shoot through his stellar! A new take on the time-worn cathedral archways,etc

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