Seabean Garland: Can you Fit a Dremel Drill in Your Luggage?

To watch Martha Stewart put the finishing touches on a glittered pumpkin or a hand-stamped linen napkin is a thing of beauty.  I’ve always been kinda obsessed with the combination of good taste and competence that crafting projects.

Unfortunately, I am generally more “into” the final product than the actually DIY part…but why let that stop me?

After a few months of collecting sea bean on the beach – the various floating seeds that wash up on our shores from all over the world…

Here’s a GREAT visual of some of the really cool ones.

…I decided it was time to stop buying bowls (chipped white ones from Caye Supplies and beautiful wooden ones from Graniels’ Dreamland – see below) to collect the beans in…and start CRAFTING.

Christmas is like TWO MONTHS AWAY…and how GREAT would these look strung into a garland?

FYI – Sea Beans and “Sea beaning” is a real thing.  THERE IS A SEA BEAN SYMPOSIUM THIS WEEKEND in Florida!

BUT…before I got started…I thought I’d stop in to visit the master.  He can carve the hardest shells into beautiful intricate shapes…maybe he can give me some tips on drilling simple holes in nuts.

And then…when I master just stringing them…I can start making art work!  Like these hangings that I obsessed over at gorgeous The Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Hopkins.  (I really obsessed over the whole suite)

A visit to Mr. Dimas’ Shop – D&G Fine Jewelry in the Boca Del Rio area.

Mr. Dimas and his shop also happen to be # 21 in MY NEW PAPERBACK BOOK!  A bestseller currently on AMAZON!  (More on that tomorrow)

Here is a blog I wrote about him just a few months back…

I wanted his advice on drilling seabeans since I had spotted this very cool seabean rosary earlier this year.

I took some pictures of some beautiful new conch and shell pieces that he has.  How cute is this conch flounder?

This AMAZING crocodile.

And I bought a pretty tarpon carved from abalone – less than 2 inches long but the detail is gorgeous.

The pinks on a newly carved conch!

And I got advice on a dremel drill but no demonstration– Mr Dimas’ is broken!

Mine is ordered and coming early next week…and before I drill a hole in my fingernail by accident, I’m bringing it straight to Mr. Dimas’ for some lessons.

Stay tuned!

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