When This is Over I’m Going to Belize!

Just A Little Bit of Travel Planning is Good For Your Health

I’m starting to come to a point where it feels okay to look to the future.  Where a bit more hope seems good…

I don’t know when international travel will resume, when Belize will open her borders (July?) or when people feel financially secure enough to travel for fun…I don’t even know when airlines and countries are going to figure out HOW country-to-country travel will begin safely (quarantines?  testing?)

I’m just saying it feels like time to plan travel in my head (and on my computer) because, for me, that is absolutely my favorite thing to do.

I know so many of you are thinking about Belize.  I get emails every day asking when Belize is going to “reopen” and when airlines are going to start scheduling flights.

I know that Belize, like all countries, is trying to figure out the balance between the economy (which, on our island, is about 100% tourism-driven) and the health of our people based on data that is changing by the second.  One million shades of grey.

Early this week, the government is planning to loosen regulations to allow internal travel and the domestic tourism industry (relatively tiny but a start).  They are also going to outline the ways in which Belizean citizens stuck abroad can get back into the country.

But in the meantime, let show you some pictures.  You can read some of the things that make Belize SO different and special below.

(For 8 Reasons Belize Rocks – click here)

Boca Del Rio Park

Miss Maria Fruits

And a quick shout out to Caribbean Citrus t-shirts for the title of this blog.  Check out the super cute t-shirt I saw on Instagram below.

Here’s the shirt.   Cute, right?

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