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Five Things Going on In My Life on Ambergris Caye, 3rd week of October 2020

I said it in last month’s post but it bears repeating –  my world has become MUCH smaller over the last 7 months.  To varying degrees, I’ve been staying close to home and on this island and I’m really starting to miss travel!  I know you are also.  And many of you are dreaming of Belize!

But now…things are opening UP!

8 Reasons You Will LOVE Belize (just in case you’ve never been here)

The new relaxation of regulations that were announced on Friday – and go into effect today, October 19th, still need some clarification but I know they are VERY welcomed by all – both those in Belize and those outside.  We all want and need to open tourism as safely as possible.

Here are the 5 things on my mind right now – let’s think of them as 5 mini blog posts…it just seems WAY more impressive.

Autumn Bird Migration

It’s the time of the year when birds head for warmer climes…for feeding and breeding and all the things that birds do.

My friend Tom takes some gorgeous photos.  Though he lives just over the bridge from the relatively busy San Pedro town – his spot over the lagoon puts him in a great spot for viewing all sorts of birds.  Look at this crazy looking boat-billed heron.

Some of these are native to Ambergris Caye – the locals – some are just passing by or visiting for the winter (the snowbirds.)  Here are some pics.

American Redstart



Indigo Bunting (not old enough to breed yet) – super fun fact:  they migrate at night using the stars!


Stormy Weather – The End of Hurricane Season…I Hope

I’m not here to jinx anything – so I won’t.  Those who have lived on Ambergris Caye know that, though rare, hurricane action can occur late in the season.  Hurricane Mitch in 1998 was one for the record books…literally.

This past week has been mixed October weather – heavy rains at night…clearing as the day progresses.  Warm with shifting winds and lots of humidity.  Often a side of mosquitos.

2020 has been a record hurricane season…we are all learning a bit more than we want to know about the Greek alphabet.  Gamma is BEFORE Delta..and there are letters I’ve never even heard of!

But the last week or two has been quiet…


Bermuda sees a storm forming and heading her way right now…(Epsilon) and there is talk of a MAYBE storm system in our neck of the woods.  One too keep an eye on…but GOOD LORD!  Hasn’t 2020 been enough?!

Again…just a maybe maybe maybe.  Here’s the story.

Paul Theroux’s Happy Isles of Oceania

Paul Theroux, my absolute favorite travel writer, is most famous for his train travel…but this plane/cargo ship/kayak trip around the South Pacific has me DYING to see this area.

Not because of the nice beaches, not at all…but the history, the sometimes strange local culture and…just the quirk of it all. He has such an amazing talent for meeting the strangest people where ever he goes and his descriptions and quick generalizations of people are dry and HILARIOUS.  Colonialism…1 zillion flies on the Australian Outback…meeting the King of Tonga…hooligans in Western Samoa…I’ve added about 15 places to my bucket list.   This book is a long read and yet I still didn’t want it to end.

The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux

Anyone up for a trip to the Trobriand Islands…or the Marquesas?  Apparently, we’ll be eating mostly taro and Spam but let’s go!  There is so much of the world to see.

Here are 15 Other books that I’ve read that make me want to travel RIGHT NOW!

Helping San Pedro’s Tour Guides

The island is excited about the easing of regulations around arrivals to the country but it is still going to take many months for business to get anywhere close to normal.  The Belize Tour Guide Association has been working hard to raise money and distribute weekly food bag to its members.

Just this past Friday, 200 bags were distributed to San Pedro’s tour guides – at a cost is about $4500bz a week.

At first, the SPTG found that it was young independent tour guides that needed help the most – now it is so many of the guides.  The Assocation is doing a push to raise money to give assistance through the end of December but, as many of us know, it may take many more months for much of the tourism industry to be fully employed.

PLUS starting today – a very generous donor is going to match…dollar for dollar ALL DONATIONS big and small until the end of November!!!!!!

If you are able…these men and women who make each and every vacation SO good, please help them out!


October 1st was the opening of conch season.  And…I haven’t had one bite!  Each time I head to the fishermen or text someone that knows “a guy”, they are sold out…and have pre-orders for the next day.  I get it…there is great excitement each year the season and one of Ambergris Caye’s favorite foods.

But while I’m REALLY craving Conch pizza from the Truck Stop, I could SO go for some of Jeff’s conch sushi right now!

BUT…I just saw that The Greenhouse, one of my favorite markets on the island, has conch for sale now.  And…I love that they are using the rainy weather…the “together weather” as part of their marketing.

I love social media friendly content.

Other things in my life:

A new TV show (new to us) that we are enjoying…it’s on Amazon…called Sneaky Pete and stars Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston.  We are still watching Modern Family almost every day…an episode…maybe 2.  There are SO many seasons…this could last thru all of 2020.

Flyfishing Camp For Sale in Belize

We (mostly Jeff) wrote about his decision to sell Cayo Frances Farm and Fly aka “the camp” in this post a week ago. WANTED: Fly Fishing, Paddling, Bird Watching, Belize Loving, Outdoor Enthusiast

Have a good week everyone and, if you are in the US, get out there and vote!


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