San Pedro Town Shines As It’s Beginning to Look A Bit Like Christmas

Yesterday was a GLORIOUSLY gorgeous warm sunny day.  I stopped about 400 times on my way into town and while I was there…taking the long scenic walking route to many of my errands…to take photos.

I was unaware that it was also a town holiday!  Here’s a short blurb that I found on Tripadvisor (of all places) with some details:

“San Pedro was declared a town by the government of Belize in 1984 and November 27th is observed as Township Day. The local government Town Board organizes annual events including boat races, fishing tournaments, parades, musical entertainment and a small festival to celebrate the occasion.”

No official celebrations this year.

But look how pretty everything looks!

The first Christmas tree so far – this one at Sagebrush Church.

Pretty pretty Caye Casa hotel preparing to open soon.  (And the manager waving at me from the porch.)

Now to Back A Back Street to “check on the boat”.  It’s always on my list of errands that Jeff provides.  What am I looking for?  I’m not quite sure.  Afloat?  Check.  Cushion still there?  Check check.

Remember to hang laundry inside out – it limits fading.  (Belize pro tip 🙂 )

To Front Street!

The former location of Poco Loco food court – now totally empty!  (Here’s what it used to look like)

The Christmas decorations going up in Central Park…

A few groups of visitors eating at Estel’s.

Starting tonight, a curfew (from 10pm to 5am) goes into place.  As do further restrictions on the numbers that can eat in open-restaurants at one time.  Bar – that serve no food in outside seating – still must remain closed.  (You can see more details on the new mandates in my last post)

A restaurant right in the middle of town that I’ve never heard of!  I need to get walking more often.

A quick photo on my way home…I was simply mooning at everything.  The weather was THAT nice!

Croc’s Sunset Bar at about 1 mile north.  (A look inside includes a very cool urinal.  You don’t see that phrase often)

And a picture of the lagoon at about 6 miles north…

Sigh…I love this town.


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