2 Resort/Projects Underway A Stone’s Through From San Pedro Town, Aruna Resort and Tiny Homes

A few days ago, a reader shared a Youtube video – an update/preview of a building project on Ambergris Caye called Aruna Resort and Hotel.  THe dock IS huge…buildings along a wide canal….

BUT wait…wait…WHERE IS THIS?

Like a detective, my next step was to GOOGLE Aruna Resort.  And found the map.

Across the San Pedro lagoon…just minutes from the back of San Pedro town.  What?!  How had I missed this.

THIS I need to check out.

I’ve always wondered about this area – the location is super interesting.  VERY close to town…and I LOVE the idea of being close to town – there is so much to do there.

I mean I pretty much wrote a whole book about how much there is to do in town!

But this area, just across the lagoon, has languished in many ways over the last 10-15 years.

I got in contact with a friend who has a beautiful home over there and we made a time to meet.  The last time I had taken a boat across the lagoon to this area was over 3 years ago.  When I visited the re-opening of Brahma Blue.

After 7 Years, Brahma Blue Re-Opens with New Owners and A Party

I went to meet the 11am boat that leaves from behind the Old Football Field in town.  (Here’s the 2014 Inauguration of the field and “boardwalk”)

The Brahma Blue boat is a ferry for those staying at the resort and people who want to eat at Coconut Cafe – the restaurant on the large dock and palapa just across the lagoon.

Just like the map says…it’s just a few minutes straight across the lagoon to the Brahma Blue/Coconut Cafe dock.  Also on my boat, I met one of the developers, the manager and the chef to be at Aruna Resort.  THE SCOOP!

First we took a little tour around the large modern homes in the area.  There are a handful.  And most can be found on VRBO.

Not far from one of the houses (and by “not far” I mean…a few yards away”) – a new project is starting.   Here are the plans, the vision.   ECI Tiny Homes

And here is a view of the site.

A different angle.

Granted, it is a grey day but…this is more like a cloudy salt water pond…less than a foot deep.

We continued northward…passing a building project that looks like it was abandoned years ago.

Quite a bit of money went into this at some point!  Perhaps this was part of Caye WInds (the project that was supposed to be “elegance that will leave you breathless”)?

A project over a decade ago that fell through…you can google it.

About 5 minutes more walking, we approached a building site and a fairly deep canal.

The initial phase is expected to be finished this summer – with a soft opening planned for fall of this year.  You can see more of the details on their site.  The renderings are amazing!

The canal – which was built before this developer bought the property – is 8 feet deep.

Detective work again:  The canal is not there Sept 2018 but there in July 2019.

But it’s the DOCK that is crazy and impressive.

It’s HUGE.  And the plan (you should SEE THE PLAN!) – you will as it nears completion this summer…is for a 2.5 story palapa…an infinity pool along the edge of the dock. A bar, a restaurant and lounge area.  It’s all pretty epic.

This cutaway is for the pool…the rectangular part over the water.  Sipping a cocktail…watching town and the boats.  I can see it.

And summer 2021 is not far away at all.  I’ll keep an eye on this now that I know where it is.

And…to me…the most interesting part is…the road to Secret Beach.  There is a new road…here is the map again…

A road from the resort to Secret Beach.  A 12-15 minute golf cart ride.  Amazing right?  Hard to picture…right?

Agreed.  I need to drive this myself!

Work to do…

Let me know if you have any questions…

I love getting a sneak peek of new projects.  Stay tuned!


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