Fresh Juice and a Meat Pie As Belize Cranks Up the Heat!

Spring is brief in Belize.  Easter was unseasonably cool and then…BAM.  Summer.  The last few days have been very warm and humid.   As I drove over the bridge to town to run some errands in the morning, I saw a number of kids and families just floating in the water.  It’s the perfect place to be.

I even saw a taxi parked by the beach – his door left open and he was floating in the water.  Everyone needs a break!

We are very lucky to be on the island -where a nice breeze is almost always blowing.

I took a few pictures around town but planned to stop at one particular fruit stand that I pass every day.

It’s started as a small stand, just north of the bridge, and across the road from Mara Laguna (formerly Reef Village)

It’s called Farmhouse Fresh by Toucan and I’ve noticed more and more people stopping there…especially in the mornings.  Let’s take a look!

They have grown from just fruit and veg to smoothies and juices.  And then ice cream…and more.  The spot looks super cute.

There are baskets at the door to gather your items.  Everything is conveniently labelled with price…

AND…as the sign outside says…it’s not all health foods.  A Belizean breakfast specialty – meat pies.  A MUST try on your vacation in Belize.  Almost everyone has a favorite meat pie purveyor.  Jen’s Gems are made right here on the island and they are GOOD.

Where to turn?   “Go so…”

Look for them around town – you’ll see this little container by the register in supermarkets, little shops and even the gas station.  Refilled daily.  (The meat pie business is not for those who like a day off!)

I went for the refrigerated case…they also sell eggs, cut fruit and fresh-baked sourdough bread!

A beautiful selection of juices in different sizes and flavors.  I wanted to try something new.

Note:  While Belize doesn’t have the array of fruits and vegetables that a NYC Whole Foods Supermarket displays, the fruits that are for sale in the local shops are in season and, for the most part, the sweetest most delicious versions you’ve ever tasted.  Belizean pineapple is impossibly sweet…the orange juice is the best I’ve ever had.  No…you will not find blueberry-acai or honeydew-kale but dang…the juice you do find is DEEELICIOUS.

$5bzd or $2.50bzd.  Plain OJ is $3bzd.  This juice HIT THE SPOT.  This is very similar to a juice that Jeff makes with chaya, pineapple, ginger and lime…and it is SOOOO good.  The color might not scream that to you but it was just the right combo of earthy and sweet and ginger-spicy.  I’m a fan!

I even stopped in again today, Monday morning to have an OJ and a meat pie.  The perfect driving in the golf cart food.

Like Americans and Oreo cookies, everyone here seems to have a different methodology for consuming a meat pie.  You can eat the filling first…you can break it in half and dip the crust into the filling as you eat, you can nibble off the top crust…

You’ll find your way.

i enjoyed it all the way home.  Where…I found that the frangiapani plants in our yard were having their first real bloom?!?!?

Last July, a generous neighbor gave me four large cuttings from her frangipani shrubs and told me to just stick them in the ground (she has MANY beautiful plants including some epic flamboyant trees).

I followed her instruction and…it worked!  The three pink frangiapanis have rooted and new leaves are coming out and these GORGEOUS flowers.  Yippee!



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