Lunch and A New Menu at Gorgeous Matachica Resort

Inspired by all the GREAT PRESS that Matachica Resort (and our entire island) has been getting…

…the gorgeous dining view that I love so much AND word of their new menu, I jumped in the golf cart and headed down to the resort.

Matachica Resort, located 5.5 miles north Ambergris Caye, is, in many ways, my idea of island resort perfection.  A honeymoon dream or a place to just order lunch, a cool cocktail, and enjoy the view.

See my overnight stay at Matachica from just a few months ago.

It was quite a windy day – sunny and beautiful but blustery.  (Most accurate weather I know in Belize!)

Many of the guests were hanging by the pool and enjoying the beautiful tree bar.

And down to the beach…

And, of course, their epic dock.

Taco, the puppy, is getting to be SUCH a big boy!   He spends his afternoons monitoring the comings and goings on the beach.

Here’s Taco – first week of Feb.

And when they first arrived at Matachica – Coco and Taco.  Siblings!  Coco has since moved to her post at Gaia Resort!

I definitely want to visit her there.

Ok..ok.  This is not about dogs…it’s about food!  Mambo Restaurant was set for the dinner service – white table clothes on a beautiful patio with Moroccan lights…this spot is magic at night.

Here is a photo from Mambo’s Facebook page that gives you a better sense of how pretty it is.

Candle…soft music and this DESSERT menu.

If you haven’t read my blogs about Matachica before – I can not rave enough about their breads and pizzas crust and desserts.  SO GREAT.  I want to try them all!

Brioche Perdue sounds SO amazing.  KETTLE CORN?!  I NEED to try this.

The key lime, I have tried.  And it looks NOTHING like what you imagine key lime pie to be.  But trust me when I tell you it is DELICIOUS.  Light and creamy and twangy (as a good key lime pie should be) – it’s also fun to eat.  I’ll get a picture for you!

I dined at the Mambo Bistro for lunch and tried a new salad (I love when a salad is 90% “stuff” and 10% lettuce) and a grouper fish wrap.

I may have overdone it…there would certainly be no room for dessert.

The Bistro dinner menu has my beloved pizzas.

Lunch…some fantastic-sounding salads.

Ta dah!  Crispy homemade fries which I ate before tasting anything else (I am such an amateur at this!) – all really good.

Quinoa and cashews and pecans and avocados…yum.  In fact, I am messily eating my leftover from the salad this morning.  Salad for breakfast is amazing!

So I’ll leave it at that.  And with a solemn promise to try each and every dessert and get back to you.

I think it is my duty as a blogger.


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