My Five: 5 Things On My Mind Right now

Good morning sunshine,

It’s a bright sunny day on Ambergris Caye – ending a GORGEOUS week on the island.  I posted again and again and again about how amazing the weather has been – here and on social media.

Puffy low-hanging clouds, clear water…weather that had even the coconut trees holding hands and just gazing at the reef.

And the weather ahead?  It looks great too.

Here are the five things on my mind and in my calendar right now.

Jeff’s On his way home

The most immediate!  Jeff (my boyfriend and co-parent of our 3 dogs) is on the final leg of his flights back from fishing in British Columbia.  Something he’s been plotting and planning for the last three years.  To stand in a cold river…all day!

His return flights started in Smithers 2 days ago.  Smithers -> Vancouver -> Los Angelos -> Miami -> Belize City -> San Pedro

The scenic route.  He lands on home soil right around lunchtime today.  HOORAY!

I think EVERYONE visiting or traveling from the west coast will be VERY excited when the Air Alaska to Belize flights start on November 19th.

Belize Chocolate

I believe that Belize Chocolate makes the best dark chocolate in the world.  In fact, EVERYTHING they make is just about perfect.  I can not imagine coming to the island without stopping in once…or every single day.  Have you tried the chocolate tea (black tea with cacao that is AMAZING with a little milk or just black)?  Or their milkshakes!?!  OR THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS COOKIES!?

But….Halloween?  Well…it’s the holiday that is pretty much ALL ABOUT CANDY.  And some of the items they have been posting are AMAZING.  (Check out their Facebook store for prices/more pics)

Like this!

White chocolate severed finger.  YES PLEASE!

Or if you prefer something less lifelike.

Saul’s Shop

I stopped into my friend Saul Nunez’s shop a few days ago and…I was just wowed.  Saul runs the Coffee and Cigar Shop on Middle Street San Pedro.  And he is celebrating his 2 years anniversary in this new location…it. looks. AMAZING.

BUT…he is not new to this business.  He was just up the street – in his old location – FOR 30 YEARS!

I took a bunch of pictures…I need to take a bunch more and I want to write up Saul’s story.  If you need a great souvenir, a great cup of coffee, or advice.  Stop in and see Saul and his beautiful shop filled with wood carving.  He’s one of the greats!

Apparently, you guys know and love Saul because I posted this photo on Facebook – and I think it was my most popular post EVER.

And stay tuned for my blog post.  And hopefully all the LIKES will give me a kick in the butt to write about some of the older businesses in town.

Over-The-Water Bars

When I first moved to Belize, there were three over-the-water bars.  Tacklebox Bar and Grill – right in the center of town – is now closed.  There was Wet Willy’s Cantina.  And The Palapa Bar in the Tres Cocos Area.  I managed the Tacklebox from 2007 to 2011 – aye dios mio! – and was told, at the time, that there would NEVER be anymore building permits given for dock bars in San Pedro.  How things have changed!

I thought of this when I pulled over to take a picture of 303 Belize just north of town.

This bar is a few years old – at least the over-the-water part…and there are now…8 bars over the water?  Maybe 10?

Here’s my count:  Rum Dog, 303 Belize, Wayo’s 2.0 Bar, Loser’s Bar, The Ugly Duckling, Blue Bayou at Secret Beach, Hurricane’s, The Palapa Bar…

I need to go check them all out…

Please help if you can think of more!

Great Food at a New (to Me) deli

I am a total creature of habit.  I identified my favorite deli in San Pedro – with the world’s best rice and beans – and I stick with it!  It’s called Briana’s Deli on Back Street – across from Superbuy.  The best.

But this past week, this spot’s menu has been catching my eye.  And I’ve found that the food is DELICIOUS.

I tried the spaghetti and meatballs.  Yum.  And then the coconut curry chicken was outstanding!  I’m still thinking about that one.  I hope it’s a weekly special!  Huge portions, 10 dollars.  VERY fast service.

Try it out.  Let me know what you think!  El Sazon.  Located in San Pedro town – on the same street at Lino’s Meats.  (Just ask…EVERYONE knows Linos!)

A few more things:

Did you know that A&R Store in San Pedro is now called RVS?  More of a budget supermarket…

A strange post I wrote in 2011 when A&R first opened:  Bizarre San Pedro:  A&R Store

Have you tried Kombucha?  I’m LOVING this kind, made in Belize.

It just hits the right spot on a super hot day.

That’s all for now.   Time to pick up Jeff!  Happy Sunday everyone.

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