Gorgeous January Day South of San Pedro Town

Ambergris Caye is split into dozens of subdivisions – residential areas like DFC, Escalante or San Pedrito – Tres Cocos or San Mathilde (that’s where I live!)  Keeping track of them all – particularly the ones in the far north or Far South or even to the west – is particularly tricky.  Real estate adverts throw them around like you know where Habaneros is (it’s 10 miles north) or Boca Ciega might be (about 4 miles south) or Palm Gardens (out by Secret Beach somewhere…)

One day someone will put together a proper map, upload it onto the world wide web and get 1000s of clicks a month.

I found this one but it’s definitely incomplete.

To keep it simple, the vast majority of residents live north of town or south of town.  And sometimes it feels like ne’er the twain shall meet.

For me – living 8 miles north of town – driving south of town seems like a TREK.  And it is!  Yesterday it took me 50 minutes to golf cart bump along to a meeting at the Alaia Resort.

You can check out my post from last May:  The New HUGE Alaia Resort on Ambergris Caye: Wow! And There is More To Come!

I went into the meeting at 11:30 and the skies were grey but when I came out…here was my view.

Such an incredibly gorgeous day that I decided to stop and take a few more pictures.  And swear that I would get down below town more often.

Which all has me wondering…do we need cool big city names for neighborhoods?  Like NYC’s SoHo for “South of Houston St” or DUMBO for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”.

Maybe not yet.

Here are the pics I took.

I pulled into Caribbean Villas – and was WOWed by how great it all looked.  I haven’t been there in AGES and they have new management since then and it’s all so pretty.  Here’s my stay in December of 2017.

And…if you were wondering where that slide is…the HUGE incredibly steep one at the end of the dock…the one that washed away and then was retrieved after Hurricane Earl…well…it’s been sidelined.

A good thing I think…the word that first came to mind with this slide was…dangerous.  I think they offered helmets at one point to use it.  I’m not slide expert but…helmets?!?!?!?!?!?

There used to be a very short zipline too

There is a building that has been under construction for years now…just south of Caribbean Villas.  Take a look – between Caribbean Villas and Xanadu Resort.

They have a substantial cement and wooden dock that definitely needs some work…

A resort?  A massive home?  Let me know if you know what it is.  It’s quite pretty.

And I was off to town…for a few errands.

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