Glow with Us Aesthetic Medical Facility: They Do This in Belize??

Glow With Us: A Medical Doctor-Run Aesthetic Medical Facility in Belize

Last week, I traveled to Belize City to visit Glow With Us Aesthetic Medical Facility in the Buttonwood Bay neighborhood of Belize City and, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would find.

We’ve all heard of cosmetic surgery and Botox and fillers.  Many of us have probably seen the worst of it on TV – where it is just so…apparent that something has been done or something should never have been done.

But on the flip side, we see stars everywhere entering their late 40s and 50s who look impossibly young and flawless.  As if the sun never touched their skin and they have never had a worry in the world.  Think Jennifer Lopez – age 50 or Jennifer Aniston, 53, Nicole Kidman, age 55, or Tom Cruise at the tender age of 60.

But…I mean…they are famous and rich.  And in Beverly Hills!  The whole thing just seems daunting at best and frankly, unattainable for a “real person”.  Especially a real person that lives in Belize.

So when Dr. Ruth Gough and her team invited me to visit Glow with Us, for a tour of the clinic and a test treatment, I was definitely interested but a bit clueless.  I have seen some of their advertisements on Facebook and Instagram and terms like Diathermia, Carboxytherapy and EMSculpt, and Mandelic Facial…I was very curious but I knew I would have many questions because…well…I haven’t ever seen any of those terms.

Entrance to Glow with US

Before I get into it:  My story with “aesthetic treatments”:  Before I moved to Belize (15 years ago), I loved to get a facial at a beautiful spa a few times a year.  I have tried Botox before – though not for about 10 years.  I tried it once in the US when I was in my early thirties and really liked it.  I tried it again, a few years later, in Merida, Mexico and…not so much.  My forehead was a bit too tight…and my eyebrows a bit too pointed – ala Dr Spock.  I haven’t done a thing since – and…don’t tell anyone…I can’t stand sunblock on my face.  I only wear it if I am in direct sun (like out on a boat)

Back to Dr Ruth and her office.

Treatment Room Dr Gough

I arrived at my appointment in the morning – and the office is beautiful, chic and very roomy.

Another note:  I’m going to go into a few details, especially about the treatment that I had, but they offer hundreds – literally.  For the very best services – ones that fit your budget and work on your specified issues – to talk about results and the processes, set up a free consultation!  Glow With Us offers 10-15 minute free consultations for recommedations.  

If you have issues or just are curious – about aging, about scar removal, about cellulite or stretch marks, about acne or discoloration, about certain post surgery issues, hair removal, tattoo removal, make an appointment.  It’s incredible some of the advancements that have been made in this field.  Really amazing.

A Look Around the Spa

I’m not sure exacty whether to call it a spa or a medical office – so I am going to use them interchangeably.  But look how pretty it is!

There are 6 different treatments rooms that are devoted to things like massage, lipsonix, laser and carboxitherapy.
Massage RoomSome more relaxing…

Treatment Room

Some with some quite serious looking medical equipment.

Plasma Room


Dr Ruth’s Philosophy, What About Botox & November Promotions

Dr. Gough started working in this field – in addition to her OB/GYN practice – for over 15 years.  She wanted to make these treatments available in Belize – rather than traveling to Mexico or the US.    When it comes to anti-aging treatments, she wanted to focus on natural results rather than stark changes in how the client looks.  Think looking 3-5 years younger after a great night’s sleep rather than trying to look like you are 21 again.

glow with us

This year – in November – that they will be adding Botox and fillers and threads to their treatment “menu”.  Dr. Ruth and the team have been training in these additional services…and want to stick to their natural results philosophy.

Glow with Us does an annual Gold Week in November – their biggest sales event of the year. It happens over multiple days in November -with promos and offers that aren’t available other times during the year.  You can take a look at their Facebook page to see some of last year’s offers – and all kinds of information about treatments.


My Service:  Ultherapy

I honestly thought that when I arrived, I would take a tour – ask 1000 questions and perhaps get a facial.  I was excited about that…I love the products and the scents and the relaxation of a facial.  And I hadn’t had one in a decade?

But Dr. Ruth had bigger plans – and I honestly could not be more thankful.  She suggested Ultherapy.  Again…a term I had never heard before.

Ultherapy was introduced in 2015 – and is often called a non-invasive facelift.  For my neck and my face!

I am not going to go into the science of it all…because I don’t know or understand it – but it involves a machine…and a wand…and…let me just get down to what happened.  (Here is the products official website that can tell you all about it)

Ultherapy Machine

The entire procedure took just over an hour – from the cooling, numbing gel that was applied to the area. We let that sit for about 20 minutes while I fought dozing off under a warm blanket and a very comfortable table.

One of the technicians took before photos of me from the side and the front.  (NO, I will not be sharing those)

Then Dr. Ruth came in and moved the wand (just like an ultrasound) slowly over my face.  2-3 pulses in each area.  About 95% of the time, I didn’t feel anything.  And once in a while…maybe 5 times in total, I felt a shock…like the shock you get from static in a dry room.  Not painful, just noticeable.  In total, it took about 30 minutes – though it was hard to tell – I was talking the whole time…and asking questions.

Then she cleansed my face and applied sunblock and…they took pictures.  My neck already looked tighter (seriously) and my cheekbones more defined.  And holy crap.  This actually works!

The craziest part is that the muscles continue to tighten, the collagen keeps producing – and the maximum effects will not be seen until 2-3 months later.

Today, as I write this, about 9 days later – I am a fan.  My face does look smoother – my jowls (ugly word but that’s what they are) have lessened and my neck has tightened.  I REALLY like the results.  The bags under my eyes look better – I look better rested.  And even Jeff keeps saying “your face does look good”.  And in a month it will get better?!  I mean…amazing.  It’s all I can say.

I would never have even thought of seeking this out – because…I didn’t know it was “a thing”.  I thought there was Botox and surgery.  That’s it.  I LOVE that there is something more natural.

It is definitely a luxury – a big luxury – but it is cheaper than it would be in the US and…well…I just need to get saving for next time.  🙂

Oh…and after effects.  I found that my face felt a bit…tight for the next day or two.  The night of the treatment, I took a few Tylenol for a headache.  Was it caused by the treatment or the fact that I got up at 5am to travel to Belize City?

The muscles in my face – still feel a tiny bit sore.  Like I was chewing an especially tough piece of gum…it’s mainly in my jaw.  But honestly…I can only feel it when I wiggle my jaw around.  No big deal at all.

I need to wrap this up!  But I can only assume that some people have no interest in this at all (and stopped reading in the first few paragraphs)…and some want all the information they can get.

Beauty Products

One of my favorite parts of going to a spa is the beauty products – recommended or used.

Glow With Us has an offshoot business called DermaGlow by Dr Ruth Gough.  (How did I not know about this beautiful website – I LOVE products!)

Vitamins and Supplements, Lotions and Sunscreens…a huge array of things available in Belize – specifically picked by Dr Ruth and her team.  AND…you can click the Chat function and again, ask for advice on your particular issue.  Recommendations.

I’m going to start with this Maruka Honey Cleanser.  Yum.

Ok…wrapping this up with the important details.

How to Get There & How To Contact Them

Glow with Us is located in Belize City – an easy 10-minute taxi way from the water taxi dock and even less from the Belize City airstrip.

And then you can walk over (or the staff can get you a taxi) to Mirab’s for a little shopping.  It’s just around the corner.

They are located just next to Buttonwood Bay Medical Center which is home to the Cardiology Center – run by Dr. Ruth’s husband, Dr. John Gough, as well as a full radiology department, general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, pediatrics, pharmacy, gynecology/obstetrics, laboratory services urgent care and more.

I know the Cardiology Center VERY well and am a HUGE fan of Dr. Gough…they saved Jeff’s life a few years ago.  You can read about that in this blog…I’m not sure I’m ready to reread it yet.

My 49 Year Old Boyfriend Had a Heart Attack in Belize

You can contact the staff of Glow with Us through their Facebook page – or just give them a call to set up your free consultation.

And totally message me about my experience.  Just don’t ask for my before photos.

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