Gorgeous Dinner and Sunset at Purple Pelican Restaurant

I wrote a few months ago about how the Purple Pelican Restaurant was about to open and…WOW.  The huge gorgeous palapa-ed spot tucked in what seems like a secret lagoon but…right in the middle of town.

I then stopped into the very well-attended Grand Opening in mid-November.  I was there just in time for the ribbon cutting.

Ish and Family

Ish, the owner and manager and his gorgeous family.

Ish and Family

Purple Pelican Lobby

Crowd at Opening Night

But wanted to head back for a sunset…because this is one of the best locations on the island to view it.  Plus, Jeff worked with Chef Marvin – who runs the kitchen at Purple Pelican for lots of years.

We were not disappointed.  The food was great and the sunset…all the purples and oranges featured in their logo were on display.

Purple Pelican Outside

Sunset is early this time of year…around 5:30pm.

Sunset seating

Very cool watching the local traffic too…

I think I took a few too many pictures but it is THAT stunning!

I highly recommend the jerk pork chop – super thick and really good.  Pork in Belize is absolutely delicious.

Pork Chop

And dense delicious carrot cake.

I was too focused on the beautiful scenery!  I’ll be back for more pictures soon.  What a lovely spot.

And…I just saw there menu for New Year’s Eve…in case you are interested.

New Years Eve Menu

Check out their website for more information, find your best purple outfit (though I’m sure it’s not required 🙂 ) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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