Readying for Lobster Season, A Carnival: A Beautiful Day on Back-A-Back Street San Pedro

I spend quite a bit of time on Backa Back Street, San Pedro. In our small town, there are three main streets – Front, Middle and Back Streets. But behind Back Street – the small street that lines the lagoon side of town – there is another less-traveled road that I think is beautiful.

Boats at Jokers Dock

Many call it Backa Back Street (in the back of Back Street – just as you might say “Bakkatown” for the back of town) and I am just finding out from this amazing street map that it is named “Nurse Shark Street”. Who knew?

Map of San Pedro town: A reader just recently told me that he populated many of the street names on this site – and it is an amazingly comprehensive look at San Pedro town in particular. Businesses and street names.

We park (dock?) our boats on BackaBack Street and I do lots of pick-ups and drop-offs and I love everything about this small street. Yesterday was such a gorgeous blue day – and the carnival for the Dia De San Pedro festivities was all set up and there were lobster traps being readied for the season…I thought I’d take a bunch of pictures. San Pedro looking so…well…traditionally San Pedro.

The road runs from the Saca Chispas/Old Football field to the gas station. Let’s start on the south side at the carnival. Set up and running on weekends until Dia De San Pedro.

Carnival for Dia De San Pedro

The rides and the workers come from Guatemala. I need to try to get here in the evening to take some pictures with the lights on.

Worm ride at the carnival
Merry Go Round at Carnival

Just behind the carnival, there is a dock for the Water Taxi Terminal. For the boats that run daily from San Pedro – Sarteneja Corozal and back. And for the San Pedro to Chetumal, Mexico boat.

Belize sign by Water Taxi terminal
La Isla Bonita swings

You can see the boat and docks lining Backa Back Street behind these swings.

Back a Back Street

This San Pedro Potlicker was hanging out…and he is THE CLASSIC San Pedro dog. Short and long with wonky legs. I don’t know if a corgi is the forefather of many San Pedro dogs or…if they have dwarfism.

An island mystery.

Dog dwarf

I have lots more pictures of other dogs around town – but I’ll save those for another post. The San Pedro short stacks.


In the forefront of the pic above, you can see the makings of “lobster shades”. Sheets of zinc that are propped up by the sticks – the lobsters like to wiggle under them.

Old school Sarteneja boagt

A home across the street from the docks.

House on Backa Back Street
Cute fence

And then the very cute fence of the pre-school.

The sunset basketball court. Kids and adults are usually out here at the end of day when things cool off a bit. It adds an extra level of skill because the ball very easily can end up in the lagoon.

Sunset basketball court

Across the street is the lovely Ambergris Sunset Hotel. It’s a favorite place for our camp guests to spend the night before heading up for a few days (or a week) of fishing.

More recently, they’ve opened a very cute restaurant.

Sign for Meat d Fish
Meat d Fish restaurant

I had already eaten lunch when I saw that they had one of my favorite meals in the world. Meatballs and coconut rice. (Once you eat that combo, you’ll never want spaghetti again)

Meatball special sign

Across the street is the fantastic Caliente Restaurant (here’s my last lunch there)

Calientes Restaurant

Across the street, a fisherman is readying the lobster traps for the Lobster season in Belize. Here’s the schedule of events for the upcoming San Pedro Lobsterfest.

Lobster traps on Back Street

And something I learned yesterday. The wooden traps are usually soaked for 2 weeks so that they sink. Makes sense…

And one of my favorite houses in town…tucked behind a picket fence.

Cute house on Backa Back Street
Docks on Backa Back Street

And then the street ends and turns up to the gas company and to the gas station…

Where…in the distance…I saw the most incredible flamboyant tree on the island. This huge beauty…like a firework.

I had to get closer…

Gorgeous Flamboyant

I can’t get enough of her…

For more pics of flamboyant trees on the island, check out this recent post. And enjoy the rest of your week!

Here is a similar walk in 2017 – small and big changes – especially Ambergris Sunset Hotel!

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  1. T4trble on June 21st, 2023 at 10:27 am

    Lobster – a vessel for my love of butter.
    I will never get over seeing a sign for Lobster Corndogs in 2018- blasphemy! That is not the way! But if I see another one this year I will try one. haha!

  2. SanPedroScoop on June 21st, 2023 at 12:23 pm

    How about I try one for you!? I think a deep fried hunk of lobster on a stick sounds AMAZING! The worst lobster mistake I ever made was trying lobster desserts – ice cream and cheese cake. It…I shiver just thinking about it.

  3. Steve Stevenson on June 21st, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    I get compliments all the time on a shark tattoo I got from Wimpas at Belizean Ink, which is on Bakka Back street (Nurse Shark St.).

  4. Scott Simmons on June 21st, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    OK, so your post has encouraged me to a) try the meatballs and coconut rice at the Ambergris Sunset Hotel and b) go see that gorgeous flamboyant tree tomorrow. Thanks!