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Lily’s Treasure Chest

Scoop Approved

Lily’s has been on the beach in San Pedro for over 15 years and is a favorite with divers, locals and visitors.

The ceviche is one of the best on the island.  Simple and classic.  No fruit or flair.  DELICIOUS.

I’ve tried both desserts…key lime pie and the flan.   The pie is good (I am more of a whipped cream girl than meringue), the flan is something to return for – again and again.  Dense and rich oozing with deep dark caramelly deliciousness.

IMG_2944 IMG_2945

The fried fish is really good & fresh and the fries?  Some of the best on the island.


I’ve always found the service friendly but a bit slow…but you are on vacation…don’t let it bug you.

Open for breakfast lunch and dinner.