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Ambergris Caye: A Walk Down South on A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday the “cold front” ended and the wind switched back from the north (brrrr….) to the east.   Sun, puffy pinkish clouds, a good breeze…a perfect afternoon for a walk.  I’d been south just a bit the day before for my first 2016 Kelly McGuire show and I thought I’d explore more.


Here’s his full calendar so you can catch a show while he’s here.


Get ready for many many photos of coconut palms – I became slightly obsessed with the patterns of holes bore into them on my walk.


Can woodpecks be this meticulous?

The dock at LOVELY Victoria House.


And the bar…if you are in the mood for a gorgeous lunch…this is the spot.

IMG_9327 IMG_9328

And the view in front of Island Time Bar.  They are building a huge seawall in front of this property and Royal Caribbean Resort.  And they are going to need an insane amount of sand to fill it.


One of my favorite little houses for sale.  Beware attack conch.


And a gorgeous stretch of beach.


And a few more houses.  So quiet down here…

IMG_9336 IMG_9337

Gorgeous Casa Tortuga.


Just beautiful coconut trees down that way…


And the Lions’ Park.


This guy braving the wake over this very old-school dock.


The water was a bit choppy and churned up in spots.


There are two condo complexes down this way…one bright pink and next door baby blue.


All about coconuts.


And a tree of single flip flops…not sure who is working on that.


Athens Gate Resort.


And gorgeous WataView.  This picture does it no justice.   This house is spectacular.  And I have been inside.  Just once.


Time to head home…and wonder about these holes in the coconut palms…


What a perfect day.


If you want to take this same walk…but make it a bit of a pub crawl AND see some pretty cool coconut dragons…check out this post.

coconut dragon

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5 thoughts on “Ambergris Caye: A Walk Down South on A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Hmmm, interesting! Those look like Acorn Woodpecker holes, but I never saw one there (only in Crooked Tree and maybe a few other mainland spots), AND I don’t believe there are any oak trees on Ambergris Caye. There are definitely woodpeckers, though, so perhaps the Golden Fronted or another species does this as well. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will chime in!

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