Sunday Morning Serenity: Yoga at Beautiful Ak’Bol Resort

Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat and Eco-Resort is located about 1 mile north of the bridge in a beautiful neighborhood called Tres Cocos, on a very pretty stretch of ocean.

I’ve sung the praises of their dock many times – the BEST swimming dock on Ambergris Caye.  With a great, easy breezy beach bar and restaurant to make things that much better.

If they have the peanut butter chocolate pie – ORDER IT!

But…I have NEVER been to the daily yoga class (I am not counting the special meditation class I went to last year).  Which is just about crazy because it is held on that most beautiful swimming dock.

And I love yoga…in theory and sometimes in practice.  When I have been to other spots in the past, I am always the least flexible in the class, I am always sweating like I am power lifting but I do love the slow down and focus part of the practice.  The get-into-a-comfortable-position-that-isn’t-laying-on-your-bed pose and stop thinking.

I also love the fun/funny stuff that many yoga teachers say.

“Just be present in your body” or “honor your heart center” or “you hear the garbage truck going by, honor it…and let it go” or “downward dog is a resting pose” – PFFFT!

So I messaged Kirsten, the owner of Ak’Bol last week about attending yoga on Sunday and was happy to hear that it was a Yin Class.  Well…I was happy once I looked that up.  Yin yoga is more slow-paced.

Perfect.  I headed over to their beautiful spot.

As Kirsten said:  Let’s yin it out.

First a look around.

Super inviting.

And because there was a special seminar/group on the dock, we settled down into the beachfront palapa.  The wood is sanded so smooth, you almost don’t need a mat.  There were about 20 of us…but we fit in just fine.  With the breeze and the rustling coconut trees…I could easily sleep in here for hours.

Really really beautiful spot.  For more information on Ak’Bol Resort and the yoga classes, please take a look at their website and their facebook page.  Or just stop by!

Here’s the gate you will enter from the road.

They also have cabanas on the beach, a pool and across the road, quite a few lower budget rooms.

I need to check these out one day.

Also in your neighborhood if you stay at Ak’Bol Resort:  Truck Stop, Grand Caribe Resort, Marbuck’s and DayDreamin’ Inn, Stella Smiles and more.


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