Gorgeous Flowers, Pacas Preppy and Dodging Michael

Happy Sunday.

This morning I awoke to a coolish breeze – had me reaching for my quiltie last night – and a…

You might want to be seated for this.

…a clear-ish beach.

Far from perfect…and perhaps just swept out to sea for a day or two but it was a sight for sore eyes.

The (now) Tropical Storm named Michael, after a week of sitting and festering off shore as cloudy, stormy weather, took a sharp turn to the north.  And turned into a proper named storm.

Yesterday I received a gorgeous surprise from a shop in Belize City called Signature Flower Shoppe that does stunning flowers.

Clearly I NEVER get flowers…the cats were intrigued for hours.

I’d met the owner, Rachel, a few months ago at a Belize City market day and I just love what she is doing.

Arranged flowers are NOT every day things in Belize – it’s not like the states where you can pick up a dozen roses at the gas station or a beautiful bouquet at your supermarket.  They are definitely luxury – very special occasion – things.

And they make me – and so many people – so incredibly happy.  I’m not sure why that is exactly…but they absolutely do.  And Rachel is making it easier to get them.

What a GREAT gift.

I am always a fan of the tropical-local flowers – look at these beauties that I found at her market!

But man…it’s so nice to get roses also.  Particularly in gorgeous colors like apricot and lavender.  I’ve already re-styled my larger bouquet for a trip to the camp.  It’s not easy bringing flowers on a boat on a windy day.

But so worth it!

Last thing.

If you’ve been to San Pedro town – or really anywhere in Belize – you’ll notice that a BULK of the clothing stores are called “Paca” or pacas.  They sell used clothing and in San Pedro alone, we probably have 30 stores.  Maybe more?

You’ll see signs like this.

When I first moved here – there were 2 or 3.  But they were still my #1 way (my ONLY WAY) to shop for clothes in Belize.

Apparently this is a MASSIVE WORLD WIDE INDUSTRY.  Collecting donated clothes in the US and bundling them up and sending thousands and thousands of TONS to other countries.

Some of Africa is looking to ban them…it’s pretty interesting.  In fact, SUPER interesting.  Many articles say that it stifled the local clothing and design industries – and while many countries are working to ban the imports – the US is pushing back.  Almost forcing these used clothes on other nations.  It’s estimated as a $4billion industry!

Anyway…I have lots more thinking to do about that but I got thinking about it a few days ago when I spotted a treasure driving by one of the many paca on my way home.

Straight from The Official Preppy Handbook of 1980 (from the cover – “Look Muffy…a book for us!”).  I haven’t thought of this brand in ages!

Vineyard Vines!  The makers of all things kelly green.  The pants!  The belts!

Madras pants for him – on sale for $99.99US.  Wanna bet Brett Kavanaugh has a pair?

Here’s the shirt new.

And here’s my gem in Belize for $5bzd.  Vintage.

I just need some nantucket red shorts…a rope bracelet and some dock siders and…I’m ready for Nantucket next season.

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