A Good Morning for Fishing, Laundry and Mosquitos

I just drove 2 miles north – to a resort/residence called Sapphire Beach at about mile 9, North Ambergris – to drop Jeff and his beloved bamboo flyrod off for some wading and fishing.

I stayed there a WHILE ago (5 years+ now!) and wrote this blog post.

This morning, I took pictures and fought off mosquitos – they are fierce AND plentiful right now.  In fact, I just walked down with my basket of laundry to the washing machine with a mosquito coil clenched in my teeth.  Serious times call for serious measures.

I thought I’d share the pictures with you.

As you head farther along the road north of San Pedro town, there are more empty lots and things turn from suburban to….rural.

An overgrown field of young coconut trees and then a cornfield on the property of beautiful Tuto.

When set back in the mangroves, you don’t need an attack dog – you’ve got mosquitos.  And the right signage.

A bit of gardening done at the split in the road.  I like it!

I haven’t been up here in a few months – and there are a couple new homes.

Along with ones that have been there – like this cute home that sells veggies and fruits.

And our local small store – Bonito’s.

His name is Rudolph but everyone calls him Bonito.  I asked him how he got the nickname (i’m clueless and didn’t know what “Bonito” means) and he told me that when he was younger, he used to be quite handsome.  🙂  He still is.

The road gets really bumpy around mile 8 or 9.  But it’s so pretty…all the wild oregano (wild lantana) is blooming and in areas that have been cut, you can smell it.

And then to Sapphire Beach…a few pictures…

I stopped short when I saw a Black Catbird on the bush guarding her nest…

During the pandemic and very little foot traffic around the place, she set up a nice nest out in the open with a sea and pool view.

As I walked back to the cart, there were two catbirds sitting on the baby and they flew away PISSED.

I snapped some quick pics and left them alone.

Baby Black Catbird

Not quite a looker yet…

Jeff headed south – he found a few permit holes on his last walk…

It’s gonna be a pretty day.

I took a picture of the spider lilies that are blooming along our fence.

And our warning to intruders…

Yes…this fearsome duo that would rather dig, face first, for an hour looking for a crab or wish willy than pretty much anything else.

Mocha…Mo…you’ve got something on your nose.

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I try to make sense of the “tourism re-opening” for August 15th but my conclusion?  Don’t book just yet – our information is incomplete.








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