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  • Amazing Fun in Roatan: Gumba Limba Park

    There are lots of activities in Roatan.  At over 35 miles in length and a population of about 150,000, it’s a good sized island plus, they get some serious cruise ship activity.  And cruise shippers like to get off the ships and…do things.  There are dune buggies, zip lines, animals to see, shopping to do,Keep reading »

    Tropic Air Now Flies From Belize to Roatan, Honduras: The First Flight!

    Roatan (and the other bay islands of Honduras) have quite a bit in common with Belize.  They were heavily influenced by their British colonists and most people speak English or Kriol.  They are surrounded by a gorgeous barrier reef and famous for snorkeling and diving.   There is a small Garifuna popluation on the EastKeep reading »

    Guanaja, Honduras: Maybe the Prettiest Place I’ve Ever Been, Part Two

    The island Guanaja is interesting to me for so many reasons.  The residents (citizens of Honduras…though some deny it) speak English and Spanish.  The large main island is sparsely populated while everyone huddles on the tiny, tiny cay.  The Cay has no roads or cars.  The residents have a very close tie with the CaymanKeep reading »

    Guanaja: Maybe the Prettiest Place I’ve Ever Been, Part One

    The three Bay Islands sit about 10 miles off the coast of Honduras in the Carribean Sea.  All of the islands have a history based in shipping, fishing, pirating and being discovered by Christopher Columbus himself (CC landed on Guanaja in 1502).  The islanders speak primarily English as well as Spanish…very good for me.  MyKeep reading »

    The Ferry to Roatan, Honduras and A Look at the West End

    The boat from La Ceiba, Honduras to Roatan seems simple enough.  Relatively cheap at $500 lempiras, fast at only 1 hour and 10 minutes and huge, holding about 400 people, the boat leaves twice a day.  Great.  We arrived at the port of La Ceiba about half an hour early for the 9:30am ferry.  TheKeep reading »

    The Fort at Omoa, Tela, La Ceiba, Honduras and Barf Bags…

    After two nights in Omoa, Honduras, another friend, Emily, was flying into San Pedro Sula from California…we headed there to pick her up.I didn’t have time to type my post in Omoa, the internet cafe was small…and here is a picture of my keyboard. The connection was fast but it gets tricky when the letters areKeep reading »

    Puerto Cortes & Omoa, Honduras and Turtle Eggs…Seriously?

    So where did I stop with my last post…I had taken a taxi from the airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the bus terminal and I was ready to meet friends at the beach, in Puerto Cortes.   The bus station is enormous and there are probably hundreds of buses and collectivos (the smaller ACed vans)Keep reading »

    Before I Turn 40: My Central American "Bucket List"

    Take a look at a map of Central America – the area seems relatively small. But travelling around quickly, cheaply and easily is almost impossible.  If you want to fly to other Central American countries from Belize, you really only have two options.  You can fly to Flores or Guatemala City, Guatemala (neither very farKeep reading »