Northern Districts

Located in the District

Made up of the districts of Corozal and Orangewalk, Northern Belize is the agricultural center of the country.  As you drive the Northern Highway, many of the roads are lined with the sugar cane that grows in the fields and thatw which has flown off the trucks on their way to the refinery.  The town of Orangewalk is actually called “Sugar City”.   (Read a bit more about Orange Walk.)IMG_6331

It’s also the capital of tacos.  Delicious CHEAP tacos.

IMG_6308 (1)

This area is also one of the least visited by overnighting tourists but many come during the day via the river to see one of Belize’s most impressive Mayan ruins…Lamanai, the “submerged crocodile”.  (More about majestic Lamanai.)

The Corozal area is becoming more and more popular with relocating expats due to it’s much lower property costs as well as it’s proximity to Mexico and the shopping (and McDonald’s) available there.

There is also a lovely seaside village, a VERY quiet fishing village, called Sarteneja that is worth checking out if you have the time.  It’s a bit disorienting since it’s the only place in Belize where the sun sets over the ocean…but you’ll get used to it.)

2014 view.


For lots more pictures of Sarteneja, read my recent blog here.