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Belize Navidad! Beautiful Christmas Decorations on Ambergris Caye

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning on Ambergris Caye.  The temperature is about 80 degrees…a cooling breeze is blowing off the ocean.  It’s Christmas weather.  And only a shocking 6 days until Christmas day.  So what better time to share some pictures of the decorations in San Pedro and some around Belize – this year and over the last few years – because just because it’s NOT COLD doesn’t mean it’s not the holiday season.

Ok…I’ll say it…I think it’s marginally less corny as compared to “You’d Betta Belize It”.

Belize Navidad!

The simple and GORGEOUS tree at Tuto Belize – I  just wrote about them here.  Glamping or Tiny House Living at Tuto Belize

Two bush-sticks and some lights.

Santa most certainly visits Belize…it’s just a lighter weight suit.  Here he is in Central Park San Pedro.

Santa in Central Park

A few years back…posing in his tropical wear.  (I remember a few people objecting to what they called a “prison tatt”…so judgement! 😉 )

He was much slimmer in 2016!

This year’s tree.

Last night was the Virtual Lighting.  If you missed it, you can watch it here!

Don Wil and Alexius doing the Belize Christmas song – Good Mawning Miss Lady is FANTASTIC!  (Starts around minute 11)  and the dancers in their costume changes?  This is GOOD!

What’s more San Pedro than the snowman made of golf cart tires at Polo’s Gift Shop?

Golf Cart Tire Snowman

Or this pretty tree on the beach?

The Truck Stop is OPEN as of Thursday Dec 17th and the tree is most certainly up.  Here’s a photo from a few years back…

They have LOTS of great decorations – fun place to take photos!

And a few days ago just before opening….

Portofino Resort has this awesome tree – pics taken about 2 weeks ago.  I took about 100.

And then at Grand Caribe a few years ago.  I have heard that the snowman is there again!

How about this one at the Beach Basket a few years back?

I really really really love outside decor using fishing equipment.  Old lobster traps and buoy and conch shells.  SO GOOD.

At San Pedro’s House of Culture -a favorite of mine.

A tree up at Tranquility Bay a few years back.

At my friend Panny’s house last year.  Conch shells are HEAVY!  He’s THE guy if you want to explore the North of Ambergris Caye.

And 4 or 5 years ago at Giovanni’s spot at the back of town.

Or the MOST simple.

Next year at this time, we are all hoping that group events are “a thing” again.  And we can get back to the San Pedro Lighted Boat parade (here is 2019)

And the LOVEFM Lighted Kids/Golf Cart Parade on Land.  (Here’s 2018)

It’s ALL just too cute.

If you are visiting for the holidays this year, drive around in your golf cart…maybe when the sun is setting and check out the lights and the nativity scenes and enjoy the warm air.  It’s Christmas in Belize!

Our camp is closed this year – but re-opening in the spring – so we didn’t put up our tree for 2020 – mostly bobbers and fishing flies but next year…for sure next year.

I’ve been collecting some very cute ornaments for it.

You can even save it on Pinterest…if you’d like.

Simple can be beautiful! The Christmas Decorations of Ambergris Caye Belize.

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