SanPedroScoop is 10 Years Old! My Top 10 Posts Over the Last Decade

This week, 10 years ago, I started my blog,, with a very VERY lackluster post.  And a lackluster look.  But honestly…just getting this format together took me weeks.

This is the format and my objective in 2011.  As you can see with the red arrow, I have strange aspirations at that point.  A dating site!  SanPedroScupid

And those aspirations, after I picked up a few readers, just didn’t make sense.

So in late 2014/2015, the site got a new look.

In 2019, I wrote a book.   Here she is at Rockefeller Center that Christmas!

And later this year, my site will get another overhaul…

I decided to put together my most popular posts – the 10 MOST popular – to celebrate this momentous and surprising milestone.

Most make sense – people are interested in:  Best beaches!  Cheap Eats!  A major TV reality show being filmed on Ambergris Caye and sure…bugs.

But others make me think .  A Nudist Island?  Or…ugh.  Probably Nude Belize.  The internet is a deep deep murky well.

I’d LOVE to do this for another 10 years…I love this quickly changing island and I exploring and sharing.

So here’s to 10 more years!

And here’s the list of the 10 most popular posts on SanPedroScoop over the years.

10. Cheap Eats: Where to Find Good Budget Food on Ambergris Caye, Belize

One of the most exciting things about visiting Belize is often the most unexpected.  The FOOD.  Almost everyone I know leaves saying the same thing:  “We didn’t have a bad meal in Belize”.

San Pedro is known for its huge array of restaurants across price ranges.  I wrote about Good Budget food in 2015 and CLEARLY, I need to update this!!!  Not because the food is different but some of the locations have changed.   It’s now on my list!

9.  How I Stayed in Belize, Part 2.  Getting A Job

Over the years, this has been A HOT TOPIC.  A question I get again and again and again.  And the answer?  It’s not easy!  Jobs in Belize are for Belizeans first.  But if you have a specific skill or you get a specific job…add in some luck…and here’s how I did it.  My 2011 post was part of my “Expat Series” – a compilation of posts over the years about Moving to Belize.

8. Ready Set Swim, The Best Beaches on Ambergris Caye

San Pedro is known for so many things – the reef, the people, the activities, the blue blue water but not necessary for the broad white sandy beaches.  Because of our reef, the water tends to be beautiful but shallow and there can be sea grass.  Protected for the sealife and to prevent beach erosion.

But there are GREAT places to swim.  Here’s my list of the top spots – and it’s not just Secret Beach.

7. Tips For Handling Money in Belize: Belize Currency & USD Accepted

A very practical one but it’s an issue I forget about the longer I live.  Can I use USD and BZD interchangeably?  Are there ATM machines in San Pedro?  What about credit card use?

6. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Pants, No Problem? A Nudist Island in Belize

I hope that people are googling “Fun Nudist spot in Belize” and not something more sinister.  It was 2012 – I found a Tweet from someone looking to raise money to buy an island in Belize and make an eco-nude retreat.  As one does…

The tweet no longer exists.  Maybe they found out about sand flies 🙂  Either way…there seems to be a market for this if you want to pick up the ball!

5. My Complete Guide To Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye

Published just before the pandemic, this is a perennial favorite.  And I will get to updating it!  Secret Beach is as UN-secret as ever – very very popular.

Definitely need to add the new waterpark – and the gorgeous bed and breakfast, Casa Nova Cabanas.

4. Bugs that Bite in Belize

As the wetter season draws near – this post becomes more popular.  Bring some good bug spray or cream with you – this one has far and away become my favorite, it won’t melt plastic…it doesn’t smell horrible – and you should be fine.  But the blog goes into a bit more detail.

3. Snorkeling Belize’s Blue Hole: This Trip is SO MUCH MORE

The Blue Hole may be Belize’s most famous site.  A bucket list item for SCUBA divers of all skill levels.  BUT…it’s also an amazing trip for snorkelers…I LOVED it.  And I need to do this again.  Just the visit to Half Moon Caye to see the nesting boobies and the giant hermit crabs.  It’s amazing!

2. Scooparazzi’s First Gig: Operation “Bachelor”

Just a few months into my blogging career – something exciting (to me), so awesome (to me), SO AMAZING happened.  ABC’s hit series “The Bachelor” came to film in Belize. THE FINAL ROSE IN BELIZE!  I had SO much fun trying to find the cast and crew on Caye Caulker…

And getting the inside scoop.  Just a few hours after I published the blog, the popular site, Reality Steve picked it up and…by the time the show aired, over 200,000 readers have viewed my blog.  CRAZY!

Note:  My now boyfriend, Jeff…who I had yet to meet in 2012, was HOSTING THE CAST AND THE FINAL ROSE CEREMONY AT THE TIME at Rojo Lounge.  Oh…the possibilities.

1. 15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize

This is far and away my most popular post.  Living in a new country is a constant learning process – it keeps me on my toes and always learning and adjusting.

Flexiblity, a decent sense of humor and a sense of adventure…

There is SO much to love.

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