My Five: New Gas Station, Great Food, Sexless Papayas and more

Mawnin’ all. It’s the second week of November and the island is starting to get busy with visitors! This post: My Five – is an assortment of things happening here on Ambergris Caye and in my life. These are all topics I’ve been meaning to tell you about but ones that don’t exactly make for a stand-alone blog post…or at least not yet. So let’s just dive into it.

A. Double the Gas Stations?

As the number of golf carts and vehicles on our island seems to grow exponentially*, our island’s 2 onland gas stations were getting busier and busier. Well…that has now changed. Yesterday a HUGE new gas station opened on the island on the north side of the bridge – at the entrance to the San Mateo neighborhood.

New gas staion on Ambergris Caye
View as you head north over the bridge of the new gas station
Big New gas station

There is also buzz that another gas station is just starting construction at the junction of Secret Beach. I’ve heard this from a few folks – and there is some construction starting but I can not fully confirm yet.

Here’s the current situation.

Potential new gas station junction to Secret Beach
Looking south at the turn off to Secret Beach

‘* Wouldn’t it be great if the issuing of vehicle permits were public information – like the SPTC would publish new permits granted in the paper quarterly? Why isn’t that public information?

B. Guests and Eating Out on Ambergris Caye

It was so great to have Jeff’s mom and our friend Ken visiting for the last few weeks from cold cold Connecticut.

Here they are with Jeff at the new camp wayyyyy up north (see official announcement and amazing art work here: Announcing Rocky Point Permit Camp, Spring 2024)

Jeff Mom and Ken standing at new camp

Every time they visit we go somewhere fun…eat out (which we hardly ever do!) and get to enjoy our island a bit more like you do when you first visit. We had some amazing meals – highlights:

Meatball pizza from Truck Stop
  • Incredibly beautiful setting and food at Matachica’s Bistro Restaurant – such good pizza too and really really great cocktails and mocktails.
Evening on the beach at Matachica Resort

C. Female Papaya – I don’t buy papayas very often – see my post: I Hate Papaya – but our visitors like it. I can’t hold that against them. We bought 3 papayas over two weeks and all…ALL…were completely seedless. And light in color like a sickly canteloupe – not the deep pinky-orange papayas usually ripen to.

The first one…I thought it was an anomaly. But the second…I had to ask my friend Andress – who worked in the papaya industry (at Fruta Bomba in San Joquin) in Corozal, Belize for year. What is the deal with these papayas?

Unfertilized female papaya - no seeds
Usually filled with big black glossy round seeds – this unfertilized papaya is seedless

His answer: These are locally called “Pumpkin Papayas” and are usually chopped down/discarded young. Papaya trees can be male (useless for fruit) – hermaphrodite (ideal) and female. If the female plant is unfertilized – you get the pumpkin papaya. They do not produce seeds and never really ripen and get dark and juicy.

You learn something new every day. What an odd and creepy fruit.

D. Coconut Oil Thermometer

The first few weeks of October were record-setters when it came to October HEAT in Belize. The sun was intense – and we were experiencing real-feel temperatures of 130F in the sun. Gorgeous but WOOF.

And then a “cold front” swept in…winds from the north with a bit of a chill and temperatures in the high 70s. Cold fronts are generally gorgeous in Belize and visitors scoff at the word “cold”.

You can tell when it is REALLY “cold” in Belize if you have a bottle of local coconut oil. Coconut oil solidifies at 76F. Here you can see the good oil vs. the over-processed-tastes-like-nothing stuff.

Good Silkgrass coconut oil vs. process stuff - one solid at 76F, the other liquid no matter how cold
Good coconut oil solidifies at 76F

E. Upcoming Events

Since “the season” is ramping up, so are the events! I’ll try to keep you guys up to date on all that is happening especially on my Facebook page. But here are some to look out for:

The First Farmers Market on the Season at The Truck Stop Saturday, November 18th from 11am to 2pm

Here’s last year’s if you have never been before. Lots of fun holiday stuff.

The LoveFM Lighted Parade (check out the 2022 parade) – it goes from Boca Del Rio Park into town at sunset…and will get even the most grinch-y curmudgeon in the mood for the holidays. (DECEMBER 17th 2023, sunset)

I’ve gotta wrap this up! I’m heading to Caye Caulker in a few hours…and hoping for good weather. Have a great weekend. I WILL be reporting back.

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  1. David Martin on November 10th, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    I guess SPTC and BNE didn’t get the memo that world-wide sales of electric golf carts are now over 80%. But maybe gas is cheaper than BEL?
    Go solar…

    • San Pedro Scoop on November 21st, 2023 at 4:55 pm

      When I arrived, the golf carts were about half and half. The batteries for electric were SUPER expensive and you couldn’t go as far as you wanted…I’m sure there has been massive improvement. Not sure why we aren’t seeing electric. I know have a charging station set-up was kinda a pain…and not something everyone could do. Parts? Maybe we’ll see them soon.