An Update on Oil Exploration In Belize And Other Things


Friday night, The Belize Coalition for Save Our National Heritage held a meeting for San Pedro residents to catch up after the HISTORIC public meeting back in October.  The coalition is made up of over 30 organizations and on Friday night, there was a representative from the World Wildlife Foundation (Belize), Oceana Belize and theKeep reading »

Travel on the Horizon – An Adventure Right Next Door


My desire to travel – wanderlust – has really kicked in recently.  Call it island fever…call it itchy feet but it’s time to plan a trip.  And I think I found the perfect time… My very favorite thing in the world is travel…well…and dessert…but in second place is planning a trip.  And last year, my bigKeep reading »

Thanksgiving on Ambergris Caye? Yes! Here’s How I Did Mine


In New Jersey, TGE (or Thanksgiving Eve) is a holiday when it is very popular to re-unite with your high school class.  Many reunions take place at the local town bar and some more formally – as an organized party. This year I missed my 25th Ridgewood HS reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead, I was crafting for Cayo FrancesKeep reading »

My New Weekly Newsletter: A Work in Progress


First let me tell you that this newsletter is a work in progress.  I want it to be a recap of the week but also a look at the week and month ahead.  Events not to be missed, a bit of trivia, a bit of new content and a word from my sponsors – specials,Keep reading »

Why December on Ambergris Caye, Belize is Fantastic: Your Calendar


Everyone loves Christmas as a child.  But as an adult, it’s beautiful but MAN it seems like lots of work.  Add in cold weather, the 40 minute search for a parking spot at the mall and super creepy Santas and the fun festivities can quickly become EXHAUSTING. Me and Creepy Santa.  Oy. Belize in DecemberKeep reading »

Has Secret Beach, West Ambergris Caye, Jumped the Shark?


When traveling north, there is one bumpy road that will take you to the west side (or the leeward side) of the island.  It takes you from the reef side to a strange scrubby moonscape of jagged limestone… …stunted trees and lush mangroves and then the other side of Ambergris Caye.  Crystal clear, calm blueKeep reading »

How I Fell into One of the Best Jobs Ever

Yes, that's me at the Belize Zoo.

The whole world was a bit shocked as we watched the US elect a new President.  As I imagined the stress, the sleepless days and nights, the pressure, the isolation, the unbearable stress, all to win what I would consider to be the very worst job in the world, I can’t help but be gratefulKeep reading »

Elsie Goes For A Spa Day: Dog Grooming at Pampered Paws


I have a dog and her named is Elsie.  She’s a hero.  After spending 3 or 4 years in Dangriga, neglected (at best) and starved, she now lives with us in San Pedro.  She has doubled in weight (literally), had a fully infected leg removed, has been identified, by us, as a teacup Great DaneKeep reading »

The Palapa Bar Rises Quickly After Hurricane Earl and A Bit Of Lunch


Yesterday morning was a gorgeous day…then darkening clouds… …not bad… And then this morning?  Rain.  It’s November. But yesterday, after Elsie’s first grooming ever (OF COURSE I AM GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THAT!) we stopped by the “check on the boat”.  An activity that can seems to be something one with a boat must doKeep reading »

8 Posts that Will Make You Want to Visit Ambergris Caye SOON


I started blogging in June of 2011!  And during the last five PLUS years, I have just over 1500 posts – some that have been read tens of thousands of times (like those on how I moved here) and about my (very calculated) run-in with the TV Show “The Bachelor” and others that well…are bestKeep reading »

Halloween Madness At the Holiday Hotel: Party of the Year


Every year, the entire town (almost) dudes and dolls up for Halloween and heads to the HUGE red carpet event and late night party at the Holiday Hotel. Ben of Truck Stop – I am still not convinced that this isn’t a real dog’s head. And his wife Joanna’s! I…have never done it!  Never been.Keep reading »