A Helicopter Trip Along the Reef From Ambergris Caye to Placencia, Belize

Blogging in Belize has its ups and downs – and that’s probably true anywhere.  From the totally non-glamorous – like looking at site statistics and answering “a what?  you can make money at that?” to the most fun parts – like traveling and meeting some of the most interesting people in the country. But a fewKeep reading »

Chaya: Overlooked Deliciousness & Wonder Green of Belize?

Chaya or Maya Tree Spinach is native to the Yucatan and to Belize – it’s a food that you see in some of the local restaurants that serve some more typical cuisines – and once in a while you see packages of it at the local green grocer. Chaya is the most delicious green thatKeep reading »

San Pedro Belize Lobsterfest Starts TOMORROW! The Details

Time flies when you are busy…and having fun.  It’s already JUNE.  And that means Lobster season in Belize AND Lobster Festivals along the coast.  Placencia, Caye Caulker and…AMBERGRIS CAYE! The San Pedro Lobsterfestival was first celebrated in 2007.  My friends and I had a cupcake stand – forgot to bring any lighting – and hadKeep reading »

Love is in the Air: Hermit Crabs, Butterflies, Conch, Manatees, Oh My

Spring and summer are in the air and love is all around.  And while Belizeans often call rainy days and cold fronts “baby making weather”, the animal world likes a little warmth.  Or something… Best not to speculate. But here are some interesting animals behaviors during this season.  Many you can see, but let’s start withKeep reading »

Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve: One of the Most Magical Spots in Belize

Belize is an amazing country – just about 70 miles from east to west, 170 north to south- so tiny but containing so many natural gifts & wonders.  The 2nd largest coral reef in the world, the greatest density of manatees in the Caribbean, the highest waterfall in Central America, hundreds, if not thousands, of Maya sites,Keep reading »

Sunday on Ambergris Caye: There is ALWAYS Something Going On

This has been a week of HOT weather on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  The wind, while strong, has been blowing from the south-east and temperatures in the high 80s to low 90s, super high humidity and a hot muggy wind have really turned up the sweat.  Folks, it’s a 3 shower a day weather. (Here isKeep reading »

Three New Ways to Exercise on Ambergris Caye

Last week, I laid down some Summer 2017 ambitions – Part One and Two in fact – that ranged from trying a new breakfast spot to unplugging on a remote atoll in Southern Belize.  There were over 10 items and I’ve embarked, so far, on only one.   Attending a yoga class or 10 inKeep reading »

The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Belize

Belize is so incredibly photogenic.  If you’ve never been, it’s easy to imagine the beautiful reef and the SCUBA diving that the country is so famous for. But Belize, despite our tiny size, is so much more.  Beach, reef, jungle, wildlife, mountains, INCREDIBLE culture all in a country smaller than the state of Massachusetts. And theKeep reading »

What is Ambergris Caye Like Right Now?

Yesterday I heard tough news.  The Motherboard on my beloved HP was dead…blown…kaput.   Just over one year old and broken.  It’s never easy to hear. Looks good to me? So after reviewing my bank account – and accounts receivable – I did what anyone looking to buy a laptop in Belize would do –Keep reading »

The Very BEST Flip Flops for Belize

Flip flops are an absolute necessity here on Ambergris Caye.  When I moved down here full time with my bag of 2 for $5US Old Navy flops, I realized quickly that I was going to need more.  The cheap sandals are great – lots of different colors, not a big deal if you lose oneKeep reading »

Bloggers, Influencers Visiting Belize – Will It Work For You

Let’s start with this:  An influencer is the individual whose can effect a purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative. I’ve been getting this question more and more from business owners in Belize. “I recently received an email from a travel blogger, asking me for a free week’s stay for his family.  What shouldKeep reading »

Fun Afternoon of Mothers’ Day Shopping in Belize City

Yesterday I hopped on a late morning water taxi –  headed for Belize City.  Mirab’s – the department store of Belize – was having a Mothers’ Day event and I thought I’d get there a tad early and walk around the area. The store is OH SO conveniently located just 164 steps (exactly) from the San PedroKeep reading »

My Summer Aspiration List: Slow Season Do’s in Belize, Part Two

Part One started: …Summer in Belize.  The weather gets warmer, we start to have rain showers now and again (though mostly at night), tourism slows AND travel prices drop.  It’s also the time when people that live here generally have some time off to enjoy our island a bit more. I ran through some ofKeep reading »