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Fly Fishing Camp Life on Ambergris Caye

Things are slowing down on Ambergris Caye – the sun feels hotter, the air more humid and tourists are starting to wane.  I spent a few days at “the camp” this week – my home away from home.  We had a group of 6 visiting from Costa Rica – guys who do A LOT ofKeep reading »

Return to Blackadore Caye, Belize…Yes…Leo’s Island

For a long desolate sandbar off the coast of Belize, Blackadore Caye sure makes it into the local and international news a bunch. Here are the reasons you might have heard about just over 100 acre Blackadore Caye. The waters that surround Blackadore were included in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve expansion in 2015 –Keep reading »

August in San Pedro, The Heat is On…

The last two days have been HOT.  Look at what I consider to be the most accurate weather forecast for the island and it says we are hovering in the low and mid-80s.  But add in HUMIDITY, the sun’s intensity down here and low low winds and it absolutely feels like its over 100 degrees.Keep reading »

Lunch and Chocolate on the Beach in Downtown San Pedro

You’d think it would be hard to take THIS VIEW for granted… but it’s been at least a year since I walked on the beach in downtown San Pedro.  Luckily my best friend Jamie is in town – time for day trips and lunch dates and seeing San Pedro through a visitors’ eyes. Yesterday weKeep reading »

The Location of San Pedro Norte? A Spot For A School

Ambergris Caye is a large island – over 25 miles in total length – where the population for the most part, resides in a very small area.  (Estimates range from 15 to 30 thousand depending on who you talk to) San Pedro town (you can see the location in the Google map below) is theKeep reading »

A Trip to Belize City, A Bestselling Book, The Museum of Belize and An Update

Good morning all!  I promise that I will be back to my “regularly scheduled program” very soon but until then…life is FRAZZLED.  With excitement and nerves and all sorts of craziness. I mean…first and foremost is MY BOOK.  LIVE ON AMAZON AND A BESTSELLER.  How awesome is that? This morning’s screenshot from Amazon.  And someKeep reading »

What’s Going on With SanPedroScoop? LobsterFest Starts Today!

Or locally – Wadda gwan Scoop? Mostly THIS!  A book!  But let me back up a bit first. Today is the first season of Lobster Festival.  Over a week of festivities celebrating Belize’s favorite crustacean.  (Least favorite?  Mine are sea lice.  Though barnacles really REALLY creep me out.) For those of you who are notKeep reading »

My 2019 Summer Aspiration List: Plans for the Slow Season

The long holiday weekend is over and summer has unofficially begun!  In the northern climates, the change (pre- vs. post-Memorial Day weekend) seems huge…as days get markedly longer, the weather is warm (rather than snowy) and flip-flops, shorts and tank tops come out of winter hibernation. The difference in Belize is much more subtle.  OurKeep reading »

Blue Skies Shining on Ambergris Caye…Again!

May started out with two…almost three weeks of the craziest weather.  HOT and dry.  But that’s not so crazy, according to our meteorological website, May is the hottest month of the year and one of the driest. But HAZY grey skies.  Almost as if fires were burning in the distance.  Because…they were. This incredibly dryKeep reading »

I Won’t Dwell On It…

Happy Sunday morning all.  It’s been over a week since I last posted.  And while I have slowed down a bit here in the last few months to work on a bigger project, this has been too long of a stretch.  And I can sugar coat the reasons why but… It’s been the weather.  Hazy. Keep reading »

Mango Season is HERE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… MANGO SEASON!  And while the weather seems to be hazy and windy. And the sargassum influx is…HEAVY.   The mangos are for sale in town and absolutely delicious. Mango one of three yesterday. Our neighboring resort brought in the big guns to deal with the overload of seaweedKeep reading »

Running Around on a HOT Afternoon

Mr Dimas Guerrero Belize

I know I do this each and every month but I’ll say it again.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S MAY ALREADY?  Where does time go…how can we be easing into slow season again.  And starting Hurricane Season so soon? And HOW did my name make it on the 2019 Hurricane list?  Spelled incorrectly but good grief. Keep reading »

Last Week of April, My Ambergris Caye Report

For island life – it seems like I’ve been doing a whole lot of running around this week.  Running errands and provisioning for off-the-grid Cayo Frances Farm & Fly does take up a bunch of time.   Taking the 1.5 hour water taxi trip back and forth to Belize City for a day of more errandsKeep reading »

My Easter Week in San Pedro, Belize

Easter – which is definitely a long weekend in the US – is a proper week in much of the world and most certainly Latin America.  Semana Santa or Holy Week.  Palm Sunday right thru to Holy Saturday.  And here in Belize, though not a religious day, it continues right through to national holiday –Keep reading »

My Week in San Pedro, Belize

Last week was…crazy hot. Though the temperature in San Pedro doesn’t move very much – hovering around the mid-80s, the sun was INTENSE and the humidity powerful.  It felt way hotter than that. But heat stops no man.  Or blogger.  And it’s VERY busy at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly. Here are tons of snapshotsKeep reading »