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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Belize

The choice to celebrate Thanksgiving in Belize can be summed up pretty nicely like this: Imagine you can pick: Family squabbling, over-eating, sleeping in your childhood bed, that gloppy green bean mush, football droning in your ear from morning to night, Black Friday-mania, and deep-fried turkey fires or…warm sun and iced Belikins, snorkeling or fishingKeep reading »

If This is Healthy, Sign me UP! Longevitea Kombucha

I am currently LOVING this new product – Longevitea Kombucha for 3 reasons.  It tastes delicious (it’s hard for me to keep myself to one or two cups a day), it looks gorgeous (as do the bottles when you are finished) and it’s made by a young female entrepreneur here in Belize (20 years old!)Keep reading »

The Best Time To Visit Belize

When is the best time to visit Belize?  When you need a vacation with great weather, friendly people, incredible food, and as little or as much adventure as you want. But the answer that people are looking for is different for every traveler – since some people focus on weather, some people focus on theKeep reading »

A Trip Back to Belize City For Some Answers On My Thyroid Issues

Yesterday I headed back to Belize City for the results of some of my medical tests – to hopefully diagnose the issues with my angry thyroid gland. I wrote about it a few weeks ago – and about why I’m sharing all this!)  I shared the details (prices, specifics, doctors, the whole ball of wax)Keep reading »

Must-Visit Shop in San Pedro Belize: Sauls’ Coffee and Cigar House

Sauls’ Coffee and Cigar House Celebrates 2 Years in Its New Location and 32 Years in Total! Just over 30 years ago, San Pedro was still a very small village.  Wooden homes, most one story. maybe two stories, lining the sandy streets.  Most of the residents of the island lived in the village proper –Keep reading »

My Five: 5 Things On My Mind Right now

Good morning sunshine, It’s a bright sunny day on Ambergris Caye – ending a GORGEOUS week on the island.  I posted again and again and again about how amazing the weather has been – here and on social media. Puffy low-hanging clouds, clear water…weather that had even the coconut trees holding hands and just gazingKeep reading »

Gorgeous October Weather on Ambergris Caye

October, so far, is bringing gorgeous weather to Ambergris Caye.  The kind where even the most jaded resident stops short to look at the glowing sea and the brightest blue skies. Or so I like to imagine.  Because that’s what I was doing yesterday. I managed to get myself to 10am yoga at Ak’Bol Eco-ResortKeep reading »

Not My Finest Week: Thyroid Issues (Mine) and Heartworm (My Dog)

Morning!  It’s a hot sunny day on Ambergris Caye.  The first of October, the first day of the 2021-2022 Conch Season and hopefully the end of my crap week! I hope this doesn’t come off as a pity party.  Instead, I hope that this “open sharing” of what’s going on with me is helpful inKeep reading »

Quiet Steamy San Pedro Town

Morning all, It’s a HOT quiet Sunday morning on Ambergris Caye and I am still going thru my photos from my FANTASTIC stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek.  I’ll get back to you on that! I also went to the doctor yesterday morning – a radiologist comes to San Pedro from Belize Health CareKeep reading »

Photos from this Week Around San Pedro Belize

Yesterday I got I went a bit “off-schedule”.  The Government of Belize announced additional measures to combat the rising COVID #s that are now a worldwide phenomena.   You can refer to yesterday’s blog for the details.   The additional measures go into effect on Sept 20 – for 2 weeks.  The GOB is trying to walkKeep reading »

Updated COVID Measures in Belize for the Near Term & My Two Cents

It probably comes as no surprise that COVID cases in Belize have been on the rise.  This is the case in so many countries in the world right now –  and most are working hard to bring numbers down – to implement measures to mitigate cases and to vaccinate their citizens. For some perspective:  LinkKeep reading »

Quiet September Streets Of San Pedro Belize

A few days ago, I posted a snapshot of a side street in San Pedro and got a number of comments exclaiming:  WOW!  It’s so quiet! So yesterday, just after lunch, I headed to downtown San Pedro to run a few errands and to take some pics.  I had planned to walk all of FrontKeep reading »

Rainy Rainy Saturday on Ambergris Caye…It’s All Relative

Living in a place where it is sunny – or at least partially sunny – for about 350 days a year (my estimate) – we all have a very low tolerance for dark, rainy days. Like everything else, it’s all relative.  In New York, where the grey winter starts in November and stretches until lateKeep reading »

My Saturday, A Writing Challenge For the Week

Did you ever read a book or an article or even listen to a podcast and think the author is speaking TO YOU?  He or she knows what you are going through…knows your thoughts…and has practical answers for your life? It doesn’t happen often but last week, I listened to this podcast and was immediatelyKeep reading »