Cali, Colombia: Now This City’s Got Some Pizazz, Part Two

I returned from Colombia almost one month ago and loved it.  Adored it.  I wrote about Medellin…twice, about visiting an amazing coffee finca outside of Manizales, about the thermal hot springs of Santa Rosa, about bland, colonial Popayan and then about Cali, the city of salsa and tight clothing.  Medellin was far and away myKeep reading »

Eight Things You Might Not have Known About Traveling to Colombia

When you hear that someone is travelling to Colombia, what do you think of first?  Cocaine?  Danger?Or maybe something more pleasant, more cultural…the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author of:  Love in the Time of Cholera and 100 Years of Solitude). Or maybe salsa music? Super cool wall art in Cali Or maybe you’ve hadKeep reading »

Cali, Colombia: Now This City’s Got Some Pizazz, Part One

Driving down the lush green mountains into the dry, dusty, sugar cane packed valley, I could tell that Cali was going to be a very different from the places in Colombia that I had visited.Different in lots of ways.  After seeing immaculate towns and cities through Central Colombia, Cali is…well….much dirtier..  And more crowded.  AndKeep reading »

Popayan: Colombia’s Second Most Beautiful Colonial City is a Bit Bland

According to the guide books, Popayan is an amazingly gorgeous white city and the second most beautiful colonial town in Colombia after Cartegena.  That’s a tall order.Though I have never been to Cartegena (YET!), Danni and Cesar (my travel mates) have been over-the-top GUSHING about the place.  They LOVE it, the atmosphere, the colors, theKeep reading »

A Retreat from the Gritty City of Cali: Pance, Colombia

We headed out from Santa Rosa del Cabal (and the thermal springs) to make our way south to Cali, Colombia.  And as we drove, the climate and the scenery changed pretty drastically.  We went from green mountains and stunning views to tan and dusty hills to just sugar cane as far as the eye couldKeep reading »

A Trip to a Thermal Springs in Santa Rosa De Cabal, Colombia

On our drive from Manizales to Salento, Colombia, we passed lots of signs for the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal.  And what better way to rest your weary bones after hours of hiking in the Valle Del Cocore than relaxing in a hot bath that just happens to be pouring out of aKeep reading »

Salento, Colombia: Figuring Out Why It is Such a Backpacker Hot Spot

We reluctantly headed away from Hacienda Venecia (oh the coffee!) outside of Manizales, Colombia and made our way south.  Ultimately I would be flying from Cali, Colombia to Panama City to Cancun (slowly making my way back to Belize) and we needed to keep moving.  There was lots more to see.  And really not enoughKeep reading »

Medellin, Colombia, Part 2: Put this City on Your List

I’ve only been in Colombia for about 4 or 5 days now but I’ve heard the same thing from each traveler we’ve run in to…they all LOVE Medellin.  Originally they allotted two days and stayed one week…or one month…most never want to leave.I get it.  It is an absolutely enchanting city (and it is hardKeep reading »

Medellin, Colombia, Part One: Pablo Who?

Tell people that you are flying to Medellin, Colombia and they tend to think the worst.  It’s not surprising. 25 years ago, Medellin was the murder capital of the world and the center of infamous Pablo Escobar’s multi-billion dollar cocaine trafficking empire.  Some say he was running the city and maybe even the entire country.Now…Keep reading »