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There is PLENTY To Do in Belize in October – My Recap

October is the slowest of the slow season.  The heart of the hurricane season.  But I’ve said it many times…if you can find a cheap ticket (or even if you can’t), October is a fantastic time to visit.

Here are some of the things I did this October.  A recap just in case you missed it.  My October in Belize.

October 1st is the official start to the conch season – one of San Pedro’s favorite foods.  Here’s the fishing fleet in Belize City at the mouth of the Belize River.


Wikipedia just told me:  Also known as the Old River, the Belize River is navigable up to the Guatemalan border and served as the main artery of commerce and communication between the interior and the coast until well into the twentieth century.

And conch ceviche.  Yum.

(Blog post:  October 1st – The Opening of Conch Season & The Best Ways to Eat It)

I spent 2 beautiful nights at Sapphire Beach Resort – 10.5 miles north Ambergris Caye.

What a gorgeous part of the island.  Gorgeous.



(Blog Posts:  A Walk Up North from Sapphire Beach to El Secreto and Two Lovely Nights on North Ambergris Caye:  Sapphire Beach Resort)

Favorite breakfast/lunch spot Estel’s Dine By the Sea re-opened after a few weeks off for renovations and vacations.  THANK GOD!  And the weather around here?  Was just glorious.


(Blog Post:  This Past Week On Ambergris Caye Has Been the Most Beautiful Ever)

I watched the filming of what is basically the Belize version of the Food Channel.  Flavors of Belize with Jennie Staines and Sean Kuylen.


(Blog post:  Quiet on the Set!  Filming of Flavors of Belize…)

I had the best pigtail and split peas of my life at El Fogon.

IMG_3027Some delicious sere at Boogie’s Belly AND their now famous fresh homemade meat pies.  It’s all about the crust.


Oh…and talking about Belizean specialties…I had some amazing confit of gibnut.  GIBNUT!  At Chef Sean’s Curve Bar in Sittee River, Belize.  Delicious.


I checked out the new hostel that is opening SOON at the Sandbar location.  The opening party is at Thanksgiving.  Here is the post and the picture from October 9th.


Here’s a picture that I took this morning.


I took a boat and a bus south to Hopkins, Belize


…to help the AMAZING Hopkins Humane Society run free clinics in the area.


I hitched a ride back to Belize City with Chef Sean Kuylen and his crew.  They were catering a wedding on Ambergris Caye and we stopped to buy fresh veggies, meat, fish and more


And then prep for and the parties – Halloween!

The big party at the Holiday Hotel in San Pedro – Part One and Part Two.  Some pretty great pictures.  I can say that because they weren’t mine.


And all the doggies at the PACKED SAGA Humane Society Halloween bash.


I found a lost puppy named Boo and then got her adopted.  MISS YOU BOO!


And then celebrated Halloween AGAIN at our Crossfit gym.


The weather isn’t always perfect in October but as you can see…it was pretty good.  And I had an excellent month.  Hoping for the same in November…I might just get lucky again.



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2 thoughts on “There is PLENTY To Do in Belize in October – My Recap

  1. Gunnersmith

    Glad you found a home for Boo. Now I know conch is in season in October. What about lobster and crab? What are the season for those critters. I am coming down for a look see and want to feast on my favorites, Conch, lobster, and crab. Thanks for all the information on Belize. Hoping someday to make it home and become an expat. Gunnersmith

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