My Year in San Pedro, All of Belize and Reasons to Visit in 2015, Part 2

Just a few weeks ago- over Thanksgiving weekend – I was reminiscing about all the amazing things I’ve been able to do over the past year.  From attending a Harley-Davidson Rally in Belize City to floating on a glowing lagoon in Hopkins.

I stopped in June and since I am in NJ now…for another 6 days…weathering “Winter Storm Damon”  (I’m sure this has been asked 1 billion times, but when did winter storms get names?  And what about a bunch of rain makes this a named storm that must be talked about CONTINUOUSLY on TV?  Sigh…#NJProblems)…I thought I’d continue.

Here are the things, people, food, tours, animals…the stuff I am SO thankful for doing this year.

June 2014.  Attending all three Lobsterfests in Belize.

The first, and easiest to get to, was San Pedro’s Week Long Lobsterfest.  And I tasted 12 gorgeous and FILLING dishes to help judge a Lobster “Best in Show”.  A tough job.

Some fellow eaters sipping a lobstery cocktail.

fellow judges

A few days later I talked to the Citrus Growers Association to ask a question that has been haunting me for years.  Why all limes and no lemons in Belize?  I also dropped a pumpkin (slightly softer than a chunk of marble) off my balcony to open it.  Belizean pumpkins are no joke.



Worth it.

Wait.  What?  Isn’t this how you spend your days too?

I then flew down to Placencia for Day One of their weekend long lobsterfest.  (Both Placencia and Caye Caulker’s Festivals are on the same weekend.  Both totally do-able when you fly 🙂 )

Super fun.  Here are some of stranger dishes.



For updates on Placencia 2015, check their facebook page.

Already scheduled for June 19-21, 2015.  They definitely win the award for most organized.


The VERY NEXT DAY, I flew back and then boated to Caye Caulker with friends.   I hate to pick favorites here but…Caye Caulker Lobsterfest?  You guys rock.


My friends Lynn and Carl and I snuck off to check out the manatee that can hang out in the Caye Caulker North Cut.  She is beyond beautiful.  One of the very coolest things ever – to be in the water with this magical animals.


Correspondent Finn Kardashian sent me photos of the AMAZING hermit crab mating migration up at Rojo Beach Bar/Azul Resort.




I traveled to the small SMALL fishing village of Sarteneja to help with an animal clinic.  Worked hard and LOVED these two days.


We were SO lucky to get a tour of Wildtracks Manatee and Monkey Rehabilitation Center just outside of Sarteneja.  Not open to the public, this team of volunteers were insanely inspiring.

baby man

For more about Wildtrack – check out the website.

Back in San Pedro, I rushed to the Tropic Air terminal to see famous rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny land and de-plane.  T.I. clearly was NOT interested in meeting his fans at this point – he needed to field a pretend call.  He was quickly whisked to Las Terrazas Resort.


T.I.!  It’s me!  SanPedroScoop!


I then bused down to Placencia for the 9th Annual Belize International Film Festival – I was official press!  Three days of movies, a red carpet situation and meeting super interesting people…

Here are DJ Miss Blease and talented singer Melonie Gillett.

red carpet

And then heading out to Roberts Grove Resort’s private caye.  One of the world’s most beautiful places – Ranguana Caye.  I’m HOPING to overnight there soon.

Competing fishermen.


While in Placencia, I checked out Kaj’s jewelry shop.  She is making pretty things out of Lionfish spines.


I then heard rumors about the closing of the Split and the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker and went over to check it out.  At least I started my investigation…

I wonder what happened to this classic sign.  I hope it’s in a safe place.

classic sign

I then went down to Hopkins Village and stayed at the gorgeous Almond Beach Resort.

almond beach

I went on a tour just outside of Hopkins – to the beautiful Bocawina National Park and the longest zip line in Belize.  I SO want to do this again.

Into the jungle…


I ate one of my best meals of the year and met a new friend at the Curve Bar and Restaurant in Sittee River.  Re-modeled by Chef Sean Kuylen, this place is GORGEOUS and the food is delicious.  Upscale Belizean cuisine.  LOVED IT.

Here is Mayan Corn Dukunu with bacon and annatto shrimp.


And then, on the way back, I stopped at one of the most stunning spots ever – for two nights at Sleeping Giant Lodge.  This place is BEYOND.  Both the resort and the view…


It also happens to sit atop a GIANT cave system – and has a nearby cenote called the inland “Blue Hole”.

You really want to go cave tubing in St. Herman’s Cave.  Seriously.


I’ll leave it there…but that got me from Mid-June to the beginning of August.  Ridiculous!

And I’d better get back to the 24-hour coverage WINTER STORM WATCH 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!   But from where I’m sitting?  It just looks like a bunch of cold rain.





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