A Brilliant Week of Sunsets in Belize

Google, I asked, what makes for a beautiful sunset?  All this week in San Pedro (from my perspective) and across Belize (as shown on Instagram), the sunsets in particular have been absolutely gorgeous.  Humidity (which I look up about 8 times a day here)?  Clouds?  Storms? Well…yes.  And more.  According to this National Geographic article,Keep reading »

Come to Belize, Marry A Garifuna Drummer: An Expat in Punta Gorda

I met Ruth and her husband Ray at one of my favorite spots, Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda, Belize.  Every Wednesday night, the owners of the cottages, Ian and Kate, invite Ray to teach traditional Garifuna drumming to the guests. I was a little bit scared.  My lack of rhythm borders on sad and thisKeep reading »

Guest Post: Your Belize Wedding Checklist

Good morning, I don’t do “sponsored posts”…though that is not what this actually is.  A sponsorship would imply that some sort of palm greasing has taken place and…it hasn’t.  I got a lovely email from a lovely woman named Abra who just happens to do a bit of writing for a resort in Hopkins, Belize.Keep reading »

My Wedding In San Pedro, Belize – A Guest Post by Kelly!

(From me…while I am in New Jersey for the holidays, I have recruited/begged a few people to help me out with some posts that will keep you in touch with good old Ambergris Caye.  Here is my first.  Happy Holidays!  And thanks so much Kelly…your wedding was gorgeous!  These are all her words…)Oh wait…still me.Keep reading »

Sunrise at Victoria House, Ambergris Caye, Belize

This past week has delivered us some stunning weather.  Incredibly hot, bright blue with crazy sunrises and sunsets.  Yesterday we had a high of 92.  That is sweltering hot for San Pedro.  There is little relief from the breeze.  The wind is blowing every so slightly (we could use a bit more, please) and theKeep reading »

Getting Married in Belize! Helda and Robbie Wed PLUS A Bonus Wedding

Getting married on Ambergris Caye promises white sand, tropical flowers, warm breezes, aqua blue water, happy guests, probably a little Bob Marley (“I wanna love you, every day and every night”) and yes, plenty of rum punch.  Yesterday was a Leap Year, a special day to get married…but it was doubly special since Helda andKeep reading »