Carrie Hits Southern Belize: A Look at Placencia & Dangriga

Hello again, SanPedroScoop fans!

I think that the cold weather in New Jersey affected Rebecca’s brain – she told you all that I was going down to Punta Gorda with Kathy…. but she was wrong.
Placencia is as far south as we went on this trip, and here are some more pics of our days there:
I actually went to Placencia for a reason other than just to show Kathy around – I wanted to go talk to someone about a job at this fun little beach bar, the Tipsy Tuna – 
Everything is cute and colorful at this bar – even the bike racks:

They have PLENTY of seating….

In the shade – 

Or in the sun-
Right on the beach, even –
They also have a hotel with another bar inside – which I believe is their “club” for late night dance music, if that’s what you’re into –
Yeah… I could work there. 

More in Placencia…part of the “longest continuous sidewalk in the world” 
Signs everywhere, directing you to all of the good spots! Very handy.

Placencia cemetery

After Placencia, Kathy and I grabbed a bus and got to Alta Vista, where my house is, and spent one night there. Nothing too thrilling to tell you about – Kathy just wanted to see the house and the land and meet the goat that I named after her…

This is Liney feeding Liney, with Dominguez in the back. Higby is around somewhere… 
For Kathy’s last night in Belize, she booked us a SWEET room at the Pelican Beach Resort in Dangriga – a place I’ve been to many times for breakfast, but this was the first time I got the see the rooms…

I didn’t realize how dark and fuzzy this picture is… but it’s beautiful and the pics gets better, I promise-

We had the room on the first floor, right side. 
Our little outside area, complete with hammock
Our very spacious room with two big, comfy beds
HUGE bathroom!! The toilet and shower and behind the sink area…
The best part – the view from the room-
And another…
Instead of eating dinner at the fancy resort, I wanted to take Kathy into town to get a feel for the real Dangriga… so we just had a few shots of tequila and drank a couple of beers at the Pelican and then went for a walk…

We stopped at this local bar, the Roxy Club for another beer and for Kathy to try a shot a Bittaz..
After the Roxy, we walked through the cemetery…
And ended up having dinner at one of my regular eating places – the Riverside Cafe
Seriously – I think this is the BEST spot for a traditional Belizean meal – Stewed chicken with rice and beans, fried plantains, and a small salad for only $9bz.
We ended the night with Irish coffees back at the Pelican and then had to say goodbye the next afternoon….
Final shots and beers 🙁
Well…. this is the end of my guest posts – so if you’ve fallen in love with me and want to keep up with what I do down here, start reading!!

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