Long List of Errands & A Trip to Town

Se Costura Sewing in San pedro

Shopping in San Pedro takes me considerably more time than it did when I lived in the States.  What was easily procured in one trip to Target or Whole Foods often requires 3, 4 or even five stops here in Belize.   (Here’s some information on how to Food Shop on Ambergris Caye.) I’m okay withKeep reading »

An International Airport on Ambergris Caye: Really? Who Does this Benefit?

Just a few months ago, in mid-December 2017, the Government of Belize announced that they had signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with an outside contractor (the International Airport Alliance Belize) to finance , build and manage an international airport on North Ambergris Caye.  The site would be the Basil Jones area – about 14 milesKeep reading »

Taking the Coastal Express Water Taxi to Town on A Gorgeous Day

Day after day I bump and bang to San Pedro town in our golf cart.   The road north on Ambergris Caye is paved to about the 3.5 mile mark but after that?  I’d describe it all…back breaking.  Jagged pits and ruts, random rocky outcrops…you zig and zag the entire way. Here she is broken down. Keep reading »

Secret Beach GROWS in Popularity – A Quick Look…

“Secret Beach” – the always popular golf-carting destination on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye – is seeing an even BIGGER surge in visitors.  Sargasso seaweed has moved onto our shores on the reef side (see my last post) and many people are looking for some beach…without it. Let’s not dwell on the sargasso. YesterdayKeep reading »

The Sargasso Is Here: How You Can Escape Its Grasp

A few weeks ago, the sargasso started to come in.  There are numerous stories, rumors and informational tidbits about the stuff.  Here’s what I’ve heard over the last few weeks: It comes from Cuba (I knew the communists had to be involved!) It’s excellent fill for your lot and rich fertilizer With time, it turnsKeep reading »

Vegetable Stand Savvy: Have you Tried Pacaya in Belize?

One of the very best thing about experiencing a new place or just a new culture is eating.  I don’t know if there is a better way to strike up a conversation…often filled with information, memories and often family secrets/tips…than asking about food.   It’s a subject that everyone of us has knowledge, opinions and expertiseKeep reading »

A Few Blissful Hours on the Sandbar, Leeward Side of Ambergris Caye

I won’t talk too much right now about the sargasso that has been coming onto our shores.  I’ve heard reports of it in Cancun and in Southern Belize.  Towards the end of this week, it’s really started coming in and hotels and town workers are having a hard time keeping up. (You can read moreKeep reading »

Perfect Day Trip: Caye Caulker with KIDS and Creative Tours

I’ll admit.  The arrival of four adults and 6 kids, 10 years old and under, had me a bit nervous.  But things have been great.  Everyone is loving Ambergris Caye. Yesterday we went on a day trip to Caye Caulker with Creative Tours and I am ready to declare it THE BEST DAY EVER. AKeep reading »

Cayo Frances Farm & Fly…Again: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I spend a bunch of my time at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly (“the camp”) on the west side of Ambergris Caye and  I live, full-time, on the reef side of the island – 7 miles north of town.  The camp is almost directly across the island – from reef side to the leeward side throughKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits of Belize: The Plum

Walk down the street of San Pedro and you are bound to see someone selling fruit.  The year-round standards are banana, beautiful pineapples, watermelon, oranges, limes, and papaya.   All grown in Belize (check out my post about the banana industry in the south – super interesting to me.) And then we get seasonal fruits –Keep reading »

My Weekend on Ambergris Caye: Color, Color, Colors!

The island is absolutely hopping – new businesses are opening daily.  Literally. The streets are full of tourists and golf carts and starting today with…dancing and paint.   AND… CARNAVAL IN SAN PEDRO – a one of a kind holiday to party into Lent.  Mardi Gras. The weather is absolutely gorgeous – the sky and waterKeep reading »

Iguana Juan’s: Fresh Food in a Fresh Location

It was the sign that got me.   The location described on the sign to be precise. “Conveniently located upstairs of an old building, on a back street, on an island in Central America”. Funny.  And pretty close to how directions are given on the island of Ambergris.  Few people know the proper street names.  “Across fromKeep reading »