Gorgeous Day on Ambergris Caye, Night Time Shakes & Tsunami Watch

How’s that for a hodgepodge of a title?  Last night, I felt my first earthquake on Ambergris Caye.  After 9pm, as I was reading, the windows started shaking.  Like a large truck was driving by or a sudden STRONG wind was blowing.  And it lasted a bit too long…earthquake. Closest land, Honduras…about 150 miles awayKeep reading »

The Cold Front Reaches Ambergris Caye Too

“Temperatures colder than Mars!” “Bomb Cyclone” ravages NorthEast! The headlines about snow-meggadon 2018- Winter Storm Grayson- make the situation sound more than downright miserable.  Just the term “thunder snow” sends a shiver up and down my spine. I feel for you…I really do.  So I won’t talk at length about the temperatures on Ambergris CayeKeep reading »

2018’s Pantone Color of the Year in Belize

Manhattan was my home for almost 10 years.  It’s a place MADE to be photographed in black and white.  And during the winter, no photo-filters are needed, New York City is only shades of grey. Belize is the complete opposite – a wave…an explosion of color.   Shocking, almost neon ocean blues, lush tropical greens, hotKeep reading »

Checking out some New Spots on South Ambergris Caye

About a year ago I made a big move on a relatively small island.  I moved from 2 miles south of San Pedro town to 7+ miles north Ambergris Caye.  From a furnished rental condo (rental price about $900USD monthly) to a newly built empty house — from the more suburban south side to “countryKeep reading »

My Days Before Christmas in San Pedro, Belize

I won’t pretend that my holidays in Belize are all sunny skies and rainbows. Wait….they are. I can’t pretend, though, that everything is perfection –  there is some Christmas-stress here too.  Yesterday I traveled to Belize City in a JAM PACKED BOAT for some errands. And many here work during the holidays – work hard. Keep reading »

The Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Brings Even MORE Christmas to San Pedro

Last night, 9 or 10 boats lined up just north of town, switched on their generators and to the delight of the residents of San Pedro, puttered along the shoreline playing carols and throwing candy, shooting fire (!) and trying to stay in formation.  It’s the cutest.  One of my favorite FAVORITE ways to getKeep reading »

Question Answered: Where is the Mahogany Bay Beach Club?

Early in the week, I wrote about the opening of what will be the largest resort on Ambergris Caye.  The full name is Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, Curio Collection by Hilton.  A mouthful, I know. There will be parks and more pools.  Homes. But where is the Beach Club?   The townlet is set onKeep reading »

Every Who Down in Who-Ville was at Ambergris Caye’s Truck Stop Last Night

San Pedro’s Truck Stop hit another one out of the park last night.  The Holiday Craft fair, Christmas tree lighting and visit from Santa was jam packed with locals and visitors, kids and adults and quite a few dogs. They outdid themselves with decorations this year…lights and Santas everywhere.  The stage looked PERFECT for holidayKeep reading »

Miracle on Cork Street: It Feels A LOT Like Christmas In Belize at Mirabs

I love Christmas in Belize.  All the great stuff – twinkling lights, friends, delicious food, music but without the cold weather and the commercial mall-mania.  We don’t even have a mall here in the country. Santa arrived in San Pedro town yesterday – all a-glitter, enjoying the sun and sand.  He is whiter than IKeep reading »

Some of the Best Holiday Gifts to Give to Those Who Love Belize

For those who love Belize or know someone who does.  A bunch of these items would be perfect if you are planning your visit for the first time. I’m going to start big and move on from there. GoPro – I came to Belize for the very first time looking for ONLY sun and relaxation. Keep reading »