COVID-19 Belize Travel: What You Need to Know

Belize is finally open!  Well…much-more-open as of Monday October 19th and it seems like the right time to welcome those who are looking to travel…to welcome them to beautiful Belize! Belize has been working hard to make these decisions…the careful juggling act between very tough choices (you guys know them – economy almost entirely basedKeep reading »

Sparkling Ambergris Caye in Early October

Just a few days ago I wrote about how Belize lovers got hooked on Belize.  Well…yesterday it happened again…when I went out to walk Frannie on “our” beach at around 9am.  What a GORGEOUS day… I took a bunch of snapshots here at 7 miles north and a few hours later in town.  Enjoy. TheseKeep reading »

Getting Hooked On Belize

Over 13 years ago, I moved from the “City that Never Sleeps” to a sleepy fishing village in the Caribbean – from Manhattan, NY, USA to Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Sure…technically I just switched one island for another…oddly, they are similar in area, in physical size… but GOD LORD!  they are polar opposites in so manyKeep reading »

Finding Joy: A Fall Update on My Life, Books, Shows and My Thoughts

 An Update on My Life The Belize international airport opened a few days ago – October 1st!  Tourists are coming in – though in relatively small numbers.  Many of those returning to Belize are citizens and homeowners, students and business people.  The tourists that visiting are coming back to restricted movement.  To a “tourism corridor”Keep reading »

October 1st: The Opening of Conch Season & The Best Ways to Eat It

TODAY!  Conch season is here in Belize.  October 1st until April 30th or sooner if the Queen Conch quota set by the department of fisheries is filled.  The giant sea creature (he’s technically a snail but…let’s not ruminate too long on that) is a favorite across Belize. Shells on display on the main road inKeep reading »

How to Be A Good Expat

How to Be a Good Expat

How to Be A Good Expat in Belize or…Anywhere Relocating to a new country can be exciting and…terrifying.  Paperwork, packing, pet transfer, saying good-bye to friends and family…there is so much to focus on during the process, and even more when you arrive in your new country.  For the first few months and even theKeep reading »

Finalized Regs & Travel App Released For Belize’s Oct 1st Controlled Re-Opening + My Three Factors For Predicting the Next Phase

Last night, the Belize Tourism Board released the latest version of the Belize Travel Regulation for the re-opening of the International Airport to visitors on October 1st.  There is no restriction on which countries’ citizens can visit Belize but there are regulations on entry as well as a “safe corridor” for visitors.   The movement ofKeep reading »

A Quiet Sunday on a Long Independence Holiday Weekend

Happy Independence Day BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A country with such a long varied history but technically is only 39 years old. Here’s the Wikipedia short version of our modern history:  “British Honduras was a British Crown colony on the east coast of Central America, south of Mexico, from 1862 to 1964, then a self-governing colony, renamed BelizeKeep reading »

My Five in San Pedro: 3rd Week of Sept, 2020

My world is a much smaller place these days.  Not in the way we’ve been hearing about for the last decade – how technology and social media have made the world so much more accessible… My world is really our house – and the very small area around us.  I’m still getting to town toKeep reading »

Hot and Still…A Walk & Sea-Beaning on North Ambergris Caye

Dock At Costa Blue

September stays true to form on Ambergris Caye.  HOT and extremely humid and still. The kind of day that I’ve sure the 1977 classic reggae song “96 Degrees in the Shade” was written about. Frances and I headed out for a walk – to our south…the small dock just south of Xtan Ha Resort. It’sKeep reading »

What Is the Weather Like In Belize in September? HOT

What is the Weather like In Belize in September? Right now, we are at the peak of Hurricane season – a season that spans 6 months, June 1st to November 30th.  But September 10/11 is the historical zenith and it just takes one look at NOAA’s storm map to see this year, we are rightKeep reading »

Get a Great Cookbook or A Cool T-Shirt: Support San Pedro

While Belize’s International Airport is set to open on October 1st, the country is not just throwing the doors wide open yet. October 1st will start Phase 3 of the country’s re-opening and there will be limits and regulations in place.  Belize, in what is usually one of the slowest months for tourism of theKeep reading »

This & That: Errands and Construction on my Way To San Pedro Town

Yesterday I masked up, hopped in the golf cart, and headed to town to run most of our weekly errands.  (I really am starting to think I look my best in a mask.) Despite the Atlantic swirling with Tropical storms and depressions (it looks like TS Sally is going to form very soon), it isKeep reading »

Dogs Make Everything Better: Some of My Favorite Belize Dogs

2020 has given me (and the entire world) A LOT of lemons.  And, so far, I’ve been unable to make lemonade.   Finding the positives in this whole Pandemic/Economic collapse isn’t the easiest thing to do…a great book?  Preparing a delicious meal or a successful new recipe?  Things that slow down your mind a bit…get itKeep reading »