Windy Beautiful Christmas Week on Ambergris Caye

After the rainiest of Christmas eves, the weather is sunny and beautiful and WINDY.  GOOD grief, it is windy.  With gusts over 20 knots this morning, the water is churned up… It’s been a bit of a lazy few days.  So I have a bunch of pictures that I took on a Boxing Day beachKeep reading »

New Year’s Eve 2019 On Ambergris Caye

Happy Happy Happy Boxing Day – such a CIVILIZED holiday that we celebrate in Belize.  I’m not sure WHY the ex-British American colonies did not hold onto that one. A day for eating Christmas candy and left-overs, napping, travel…just a buffer between the holidays and going-back-to-work. A picture of glitter Santa in the middle ofKeep reading »

Happy Holidays and A Look Back on 2018

The last few days have been a flurry of errands and baking way too many cookies.  With the third cold front of December – and temperatures now in the upper 70s – it wasn’t so bad.  I made my usual go-to cookie:   Quaker Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies (minus raisins, plus shredded coconut and chocolate chips), theseKeep reading »

Tony Rath’s Photo Book of Ambergris Caye Launches on One Gorgeous Day

Yesterday, the recent cold front* broke and the weather was absolutely GLORIOUS.  Breezy, cool in the shade, hot in the sun, sparkling blue perfection. It all made perfect sense.  Because Tony Rath – Belize’s premier photographer – was in town.  To unveil, with Cubola Publishing, his new photo book of Ambergris Caye.  ALL AMBERGRIS CAYEKeep reading »

Most Beautiful Day of the Year on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was glorious.  Sandwiched between two cold fronts (see yesterday’s post) – the sun is beaming, the cooler breeze is blowing and the humidity is low.  The beach was looking fantastic, town was sparkling and I’m sure the birds and butterflies were singing together. Here are a bunch of photos I took yesterday just becauseKeep reading »

Brrrr….Belize Cold Front Ends, Next One on Its Way

Each December and January…sometimes into February, we get a few cold fronts in Belize.  The wind shifts – blowing in from the north – and the humidity plummets (from the usual 90+%).  It feels legitimately cold though the temperature rarely goes below the high 60s. Belize hasn’t embraced the dramatic language of our northern AccuWeatherKeep reading »

Stuff that Washes Up on the Beaches of Ambergris Caye

Take a walk up the beach on Ambergris Caye and you are bound to find a few things.  A tiny shell, a piece of drift wood, a plastic bottle or…maybe a cool looking piece of coral. Depending on how far north you walk – and how close to the reef you are – the coralKeep reading »

It’s CHRISTMAS 2018! Our Beautiful San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

I love it, I love it, I love it, I LOVE THE SAN PEDRO HOLIDAY LIGHTED BOAT PARADE.   And I’m going to tell you something that might sound crazy.  I almost skipped it! I was feeling tired…sick of the terrible bumpy road north…but I rallied and thank Christmas I did. What a beautiful night andKeep reading »

Delicious Traditional Food at El Fogon Restaurant

We eat lunch in town every single day.  Generally sticking to two…maybe three spots.  Creatures of habit. But yesterday we drove past El Fogon Restaurant on the way to an errand in the San Pedrito area and passed this specials board. I’ve been wanting to try the Tamalitos de Chaya for years!  (I LOVE chayaKeep reading »

Belize City on the Busiest Day of the Year, Part 2…Christmas!

The build up to Christmas is here…tick, tick, tick.  21 days in case you are counting. December 1st I headed to Belize City with a list…events and markets and errands…all to get done before year end.  I arrived via the water taxi (after leaving a very Christmas-y San Pedro) – but you can read aboutKeep reading »

Belize City on the Busiest Day on the Year, Part One

December 1st – I’d been jotting down events for that date for the last few months. International Day of Yoga, Belize City Christmas Expo, Shopping Downtown, a Christmas tree lighting. Add on some errands that I needed to run:  pick up Jeff’s Angiogram CD at the Cardiology Center, head to the pharmacy, pick up atKeep reading »

Never What You Expect: My Life in Belize

A while ago I wrote a post called 15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize – and then I updated it again a year or so later.  It’s a list of ideas that keep growing. Because the thing that I didn’t really GET when I moved down here in 2007 – just toKeep reading »

Souvenirs! A Walk Through the San Pedro Artisan Market

Yesterday I visited the San Pedro Artisan Market for the first time ever.  Well…that’s not exactly true.  The booths were located in Central Park for years…under a large palapa.  But a few years back, they moved to the new location on Back Street. (Here’s a blog post about the move in December 2015 and aKeep reading »

Christmas in Belize: December on Ambergris Caye

“It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without cold weather” – says everyone who is NOT in the Caribbean for the holidays. I don’t know about you…but I certainly that I don’t need wet, frozen socks or a 45 minute search for a parking spot at the jam-packed mall or a runny nose to get inKeep reading »

Beautiful Maria And Her New Fruit Stand

Maria has been a part of my life in San Pedro since I arrived here over 12 years ago.  Whether I saw her every day (I lived across the street from her fruit stand for quite a while) or just every few months now that I’m on the other end of the island, she isKeep reading »

Ear Muffs & Mule Carts: Snapshots of My Week in Belize

Each year – about this time, the weather abruptly shifts.  We go from BLAZING HOT and humid to the first cold front of the year. Just a shift in wind and a few degrees drop in temperature and those who live here get out sweatshirts and thick socks and confound all the tourists. I walked theKeep reading »

My Favorite Property on Ambergris Caye is Open: Tuto Belize

Back in May I headed over to my neighbor’s property to take a few photos.  My neighbor’s property is epic – an overused word but fitting for this spot on this ever growing island.  2000 feet of basically untouched beach front on North Ambergris Caye, 8 miles.  Take a look at some of the photosKeep reading »