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A Walk North: Royal Palms to Belize Yacht Club

As you guys can see, for the most part, I only venture from Royal Palms Condos (about 1.25 miles south) into town and back.  There is so much more of the island to see including the “suburbs” (north of the bridge – the bulk of our 25 mile long island).  I promise I will expand my horizons a bit more now that I am blogging…but for now, I’m sticking to my ‘hood.  Here is my walk a bit north of my condo.

Let’s start with:
The giant dock at Grand Colony (a more upscale condo complex just north of me).   When Matt Lauer and the Today show crew visited a few years ago for “Green Week”, this is the hotel where they resided.  (  Unfortunately, it was a miserable day when they went to the Blue Hole…didn’t do Belize justice at all.

A few years ago, Grand Colony built this monster dock with boat slips and areas for buildings (maybe restaurants or dive shops?).  I think they stopped when they ran out of money.  It’s been a bit battered by some recent storms but it is a favorite spot for local kids and their dogs.  It’s surrounded by really clear but really shallow water.  It’s a great place to get a tan.

Next up, Mar De Tumbo (Tumbling Sea – I had to look that one up) Beach right outside Banyan Bay.  One of the walk-in swim beachs and probably the nicest stretch of beach south of town. 

The dock at Banyan Bay & Rico’s Restaurant.

Ran into this kid…I guess this is where Belizean kids play with their Gameboys.  Hey, at least they are outside getting some Vitamin D.  
After Xanadu is Caribbean Villas which has totally re-vamped itself over the past few years.  Formerly simple white buildings, they added a very cute beach bar with simple bar food (nachos, burritos, etc.) and Sunday BBQs (Noon -4pm).  They also installed a new pool.  Huge upgrades in my book.

And a whole water sports facility that rents surf boards, windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment, sail boats and does all of the lessons.  If you are in San Pedro, this is the water sports place to be.  It’s brought a bunch of activity to the hotel and the bar is now a “hot spot”.

It was quite obvious to me that the instructors here must be top notch.  Look at this young sailor about to get out on the water.  Incredible.

Check them out at  Prices still remain reasonable for San Pedro.

I then walked past the building “disaster area” that is next to the Belize Yacht Club.  But that is for another blog.  Enjoy the pics.

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