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Are You Sitting at Work, Artsy and Bored?

I knew it.  And I also know there are people out there that can do logos…I have been fiddling around with ridiculous free websites for hours. And mine seriously sucks.  Take a look at my best one!

You are either laughing or crying right now.  It’s horrible.

Does it say…read me?  Print me up a t-shirt?  Is it funny?  Cute?  NO!
If you’ve got skills, it would probably take a few minutes.  SanPedroScoop needs a logo!  
Here is what I am thinking…something tropical, something with a tropical looking animal/bird/fish and an ice cream cone…maybe a hammock?  Maybe a fat manatee wearing a t-shirt? 
You guys are much more clever than me.  Can anyone help?  I offer $100bzd to anyone that can provide me with a great logo.  Please submit a logo to my email by the end of September.  Of course you will be posted on this site…with your entry.  Even if it sucks. For the winner…the cash will be yours.

I really like this one I saw in Tulum, Mexico…that monkey on the right is very cute, bug eyed and greedy.  Me likey.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Sitting at Work, Artsy and Bored?

  1. JO

    Sitting at Work, Artsy and Bored?!!… It felt like you were speaking just to me!
    I AM bored… and I have created many logos for many different things… I love your blog and I’ve learned so much reading it, I feel like you just initiated payback time!
    As fate would have it, I’m in San Pedro this coming weekend and would be happy to go over some ideas with you… I hope rum isn’t off the diet! Surely rum with soda and lime can’t hurt!
    I hope we get to meet!

  2. JO

    Great! I have the best ideas!
    I wasn’t planning on bringing my laptop with me, But it you have online access I can show you my idea and you can yay or nay it from there and I can work on it and email from here once I return!
    Thanks, Rebecca!

  3. catdance62

    How about a logo with a sand pail and the scoop stuck in the sand? You know, like a cute little beachy sand pail and maybe a whimsical sun silhouette in the background? That may be too cutesy.

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