Traffic Department Checking Window Tinting

As of June 1, 2011, a new law was implemented in San Pedro, Belize regarding window tinting.  Car & truck owners had 30 days to remove tinting from their windows or else face a fine.

Yesterday, I passed the traffic police actually checking! 

And using a tint meter much like this one.

Perhaps I was doing something wrong?  Or maybe someone else was doing something wrong?  I thought I was reporting something positive, but I got scolded by both the taxi driver and the traffic officer for taking a picture.  Both mentioned that it is illegal to photograph others without permission in Belize and that they could take me to court.  Anyone know if this is true?

In case you have a car or truck in San Pedro, here are the actual rules I found on Channel 7 Belize. 
For windshield – not less than 50 percent visible light transmission and only non-reflective tint, not more than 4 inches from the top. For front windows – not less that 50 percent visible light transmission and reflective or non-reflective tint of any color.

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