Island SuperMarket Sometimes Get a Bad Rap

Many have complained verbally and on the internet for years that is is overpriced, that they aren’t friendly and that they sell items that have expired.

It is the huge supermarket that is located just south of town across the street from the Belikin distributor.
I had a good experience today.  Here is the good stuff I have to say: 

I went to buy a box of cereal this morning.  Some sort of Nestle’s Nutrional Granola Crunch that probably would be nutritious if I didn’t eat a giant bowl that is 4x the recommended serving.  (Who actually eats just half a cup of cereal?  A 4 year old?  Or someone’s pet parakeet)  The box costs $13.95bzd.  Or about $7usd.  That is average for cereal in Belize.  (It’s actually become cheaper while I’ve lived here).
I went to the register.  And the guy at the register apologized profusely.  The box expired 10 days ago.  He opened it to check it and told me to go get a new one. 
Cereal could probably last through a nuclear winter.  I told him it was fine, I’ll take it.  And he gave me a nice discount.

Ok, so yes, at Island Supermarket some of the items are expensive.  Very expensive.  But I’m guessing it’s not that cheap to import US ice cream brands.   But most of the basic stuff is priced in line with the other big department stores. They also the only supermarket that carries some of my splurge items.  The only place that has my “American junk food”.  10 different kinds of Oreos.  Frozen White Castle burgers.  The frozen bagels that I like.  The granola bars that I like. 
And okay, so yes, some of the items are expired.  But I would be hard pressed to find a supermarket in town that doesn’t suffer from this same issue.

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So cut these guys some slack.  It is a huge store.  Maybe visit again?  Their electric bill probably cost about ten times the average places.  They are not so bad.

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