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What do Miss San Pedro, Lil Orphan Annie and Giant Snakes Have In Common?

Thursday Night Trivia!  Held at Pedro’s Inn last night with quite the crowd.  It’s was almost a full house with 6 different teams vying for the title.
One of the Miss San Pedro contestants was visiting her faithful fans and gathering some support for September 3rds pagaent.  Christine Syme was looking gorgeous despite an oncoming cold.  Take a look at the family photo.  If there was a good looking family San Pedro, I feel like we would have a definite winner.

The Symes
The trivia was fast and furious.  Cindy was the unrelenting quiz mistress.  Some example questions:  What is the name of the movie with the famous quote “the dingo ate my baby?” and What sea do the Balkans border?  Ugh.  My team tied for second place. 
The competition was intense.
These guys just started a YEAR LONG trip.  And they have a great blog about it.  .
But everyone had quite a few drinks…and the Jagermeister/Lil Orphan Annie wig came out.  Here are some more embarassing pictures.
Jim, oh my.
Walter looks fetching.
LET’S GET TO THE GOOD STUFF.  Friends of mine, Helda and Robbie offered me a ride home on their golfcart.  Perfecto.   As we were nearing my place, we stopped dead in our tracks.   A HUGE SNAKE.  I’m guessing 3-4 feet long.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!   I jumped out to take some pictures.  Even kids riding by (the types that would take the time to poke an unusual animal with a stick) knew enough to steer clear of this beast!
Hopefully Banyan Bay doesn’t mind this night time visitor.  Anyone know what kind it is?

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2 thoughts on “What do Miss San Pedro, Lil Orphan Annie and Giant Snakes Have In Common?

  1. Amanda in Belize

    It’s a boa constrictor Rebecca. It keeps the rats and mice at bay. I love it when snakes choose to live in my yard – but they don’t hang out long because the dog chases them off.

    They are not poisonous. They crush their prey and swallow the prey whole.

    When they eat small animals you can see the bumps in their body as it is digested.

    I think they only eat a few times a month if they have a good meal to tide them over.

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