The Garbage is Gone and the Beach is Clean!

Less than 24 hours after taking that icky picture of the garbage in yesterday’s posting:  May I Make a Suggestion, Town Council?, the beach has been raked and cleaned.  Nice!  That trash had been there for about a week…very good to see it gone…at least in this location.



WOO HOO!  Does anyone know who did it?  Local businesses, owners or maybe the town council?

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  • Wow, the Scoop has a lot of power! Congrats.

  • Me

    I’d like to think…but it was probably some scheduled clean up!

  • The power of the pen, who would have guessed it happen so quickly LOL!

  • HUGE DIFFERENCE, thank you whoever and however is got done. I bet the power of the keyboard had a tad to do with it 🙂

  • Woo-hoo, what a huge improvement. However it got done, good going!

  • Carolyn and Surendra Kumar

    Well done! That is real impressive.