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What’s Behind Those Doors? Asian Garden Spa Take Me Away!

I’m always trying to think up some new column ideas and here is my newest one.  What’s Behind Those Doors? There are so many properties with walls or fences that I pass in San Pedro daily or weekly and never look inside.  Well…it’s time to go in.

Let’s start with Asian Garden Spa located right across the street from Ramon’s Village.  Just south of town.

Here are the large wooden front doors looking out towards Ramons.

You walk though the doors into a serene and beautifully landscaped garden/courtyard between the street and the house.  It’s like you are stepping into a different world.

First, take you shoes off and rinse your sandy feet in a special shell lined pool above.  The garden is just beyond this little moat that runs along the front of the patio.

Somebody’s definitely got a green thumb.

My treatment took place in one of the two small front spa rooms.  Inside soft music was playing and I heard no street noise at all.

I was having a foot reflexology massage.  I’ve seen these pictures before and scoffed.  Someone is going to press my arch and my gall bladder is going to improve?  But as soon as it started, I could care less.  Was it my sigmoid colon heeling?  Was it my waistline slimming?  Who cares?  This massage felt ridiculously good.  I fell into a drooling coma.  One hour of bliss.

After my treatment, I checked out the front desk/office area.  Love this golden shimmery picture of the Buddha.

And they have some great jewelry and products for sale.  (Apologies for my lack of product styling!  I was busy manhandling everything)  Next time you are walking by, stop in and check it out.  Asian Garden Day Spa is a little gem behind those big wooden walls.  And my aching dogs have never felt better.

Call them directly at 226-4072, stop in or check with your hotel.   Asian Garden does pedicures, massages, treatments, girls’ spa day, bridal days, couples massages…they can hook you up.

Also, if you have any walls or doors you want me to peep behind, send my an email.

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