Thursday Night: Left Feeling Like Chicken Crap

After a fantastic lunch yesterday (Craving Casa Picasso), I thought I’d just go home and take it easy.  I do have a cold.  Smart move would be a bit of R&R, right?

But there is too much going on right now!  Events, events, events.  And I have a new camera.  So let me tell you about my Thursday night.  And why I feel like chicken crap…

Thursday nights in San Pedro mean the Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge.  You buy a ticket with a number for $1bzd and if the chicken poops on your number, you win $100!  Can you think of something more fun?  They have a fun band, they are working hard to rid the area of the annoying hustlers, the place looks GREAT, Noele and Doug (the owners) are very gracious and it’s just good times.  As usual, I bought a handful of tickets from the beautiful Vianey and won NOTHING.  Lord, when is it my turn?  Is this my burden to bear?

There was a pretty good crowd for the beginning of December (a bit of a slow time in San Pedro).  I like the new color coded tickets with a schedule so you are not just waiting forever.  CHICKEN DROP IS FUN.  SanPedroScoop declares it.

And apparently, if Caliente’s and Wahoo’s are not too busy, you can get your food delivered to you from Caliente next door.  Total VIP treatment.  Yum.  That lobster looks great.

Lisa (of Croc’s Bar) and Chris (of Latitudes Cafe) posed on our way out.  This picture is funny to me.

We stopped at Croc’s Bar for one (or more) beers.  And then at the super successful AIDs Benefit.  Such a great cause, so many fantastic donated prizes.

Miss Petie was decorating and organizing and working hard like she always does.

And here’s where the problem started.  We were headed home…maybe a snack on the way…but Skybox Lounge called our name.  Good music, good crowd…one drink can’t hurt.  Right?  Notice that the pictures start to get more and more blurry…

We stumbled out in search of greezzzy delicious food.  And I was introduced to Sunny’s Chinese in Marina-ville.  Cheap fried chicken served through bars at midnight?  Classic San Pedro.  And for $6bzd with fries?  One of the best late night meals on the island.  Look at the crowd!

So now I made myself sick again, I have a headache, and yes, I feel like chicken shit.  So if you see Juan, my personal trainer (Fitness in SP), don’t tell him.  Because I called in sick today.  And DEFINITELY don’t mention the late night fried chicken.

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