Wild Kingdom, The Blue Water Grill and, Ugh, Traffic Stops

Yesterday, after a full day enjoying a PERFECT day by the pool, my friend Jamie and I walked to town for her last supper.  Sad.  Right in front of BC’s Bar, a good sized white phlegmy octopus was hovering right off shore.

Here he is giving me the skunk eye.  And then was attacked by a pretty good sized crab who he wrapped in his tentacles and crunched.  Good stuff.

Did I tell you that I am bartending at BC’s on Sunday?  Stop by…but keep in mind, if you order some fancy drink that I’ve never heard of, you are going to get a Belikin.  And if you complain?  I hate to think of it…

A bit farther down the beach, Searious Adventures is all lit up.

Daddy Rock’s new nightclub door is pretty bright…but still no match for the clock tower.

The tree is up for a few more nights.

After picking up a few movies (“The Help” and “One Day”), we circled back to Blue Water Grill for the last meal of Jamie’s trip.  And hopefully my last meal before my clean living kick.  Hopefully.  Does eating a bag of “Butter Lovers” popcorn for breakfast right now count against me?

Blue Water Grill is probably our favorite dinner in town and definitely our go-to restaurant when Jamie is visiting.  Not only is the service super-friendly but the food is reliably great.  We strictly stick to the appetizers, salads and desserts and love them all.

The calamari and spring rolls to start.

I then had the Ahi Poke salad (my very favorite) and Jamie had the conch soup.

Since it was a special-occasion situation, we HAD to top it off with dessert.  Just one.  A really tasty, oaty warm apple crisp.  Love you Blue Water Grill.

The place was full.  I think we got the only unreserved table.  If you have a big group during the high season, always good to stop by earlier in the day or call for a reservation.

On the way home we spotted a traffic stop right by Tropic Air.  Of course.  As mentioned in a previous post SP Traffic Dept, Really?, these guys seem to set up shop only on holidays that bring lots of visitors to the island…Easter, Lobsterfest and now the Christmas holidays.  They are looking to hand out tickets – so always make sure you have your license with you and know where your registration and insurance are on your cart.

The golf cart line up wrapped all the way back into town…a town already jam packed with vehicles due to the main street being closed to all but pedestrian traffic.  Oh well…I should be happy since I am now a full time pedestrian traffic.

And LASTLY! for everyone asking me about Belikin in cans.  Yes, they do have cans for Draft and Lighthouse.  They produced them one time to give as gifts to their faithful customers in 2011.  They will be producing them for general sale in 2012 but have none available just yet.

And both in all of their glory…

How’s that for random topic jumping?  Just another night in San Pedro.

Happy New Years everyone!  Thanks for reading and I’ll see YOU in 2012.  And if you are not yet my best best friend on Facebook, shame on you.  Get that done before 2012.

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