2nd Annual Charity Mama Vilma’s Fashion Show: From the Bartender’s Side

Yesterday evening was the big charity fashion show for Mama Vilma’s House…..an organization that is working on building a home for abused and neglected women and children on the island.  It is a pretty big event, with almost 400 tickets for a sale, a cocktail party, a fashion show and an after party with a band.

My bartending partner, Miss Petie and I arrived early to meet the Belikin beer guys, the soda guys, the ice guys and…well…just set everything up.   No one likes warm beer.  The hundreds of chairs were already going around the large pool.

We organized right in front of the new Snack Shack at the Fitness Club.  They just opened a few weeks ago and if you haven’t been there…here is the menu.  They were just shutting down when we arrived to make room for all of our tables.

LOTS of beer was delivered so we got to work.  Time to pack the beer coolers.  Mine looked nice and neat (see below), Petie’s?  Not so good…

Ice (critical to this process) took a while to get there…but we got the beverages chilling, headed home to clean up and got back as the early crowd started arrive.  Here are a few early birds.

And the silent auction was set up.  All 9 San Pedro catamaran companies donated trips.  How cool is that?

Some of the models before they went to get dressed.  Here are Rosie and Christine Syme.

Some of the beauty queens of San Pedro were introduced and a gentleman with the title Mr. Jade Central America.  Not sure what that is about…but he is a pretty good looking guy.

Miss Lions’ Den San Pedro is in the center and on the right, Yakarelis Hernandez, the reigning Miss San Pedro.

And then it was bathing suit time.  These ladies (and men) looked amazing.  And all the husbands that thought they had been dragged to a lame fashion show, perked up immediately.   The bar was forgotten as well so I had a chance to sneak out and take some photos.


And Vanessa…

And Felix…

And Mr. Jade…

Tashi (last year’s Miss San Pedro in green) and friend…

And the current queen, Yakarelis.

Everyone looked gorgeous.  Okay…back to the bar as everyone changes for the next show.  Here are a few evening dress pictures.

And Trevor from Wayo’s Bar with lots of high-fives.

Back to work for me.  The band started up and the after party started.  Drinks need to be served!

What a fun night for a great cause.  So many beautiful models (there had to be at least 25-30 changing in a little tent), great staff, donated food and generous people.  A really professional show in a beautiful venue…walking around the winding pool looked really good.

Monica Prevett was doing some catering for the event and had these delicious sliders.  She sent this tasty one over to me…shredded chicken and spicy slaw.   I washed it down with a few slugs of Wild Irish Rose (hey…it was the end of the night) which you should note, is not as good when not drunk from a brown paper bag.

Everyone had an excellent time.  Good job to all!

Hey wait!  Who is that creeping in my picture?

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