A Strange Phenomena is Hitting the Island…

And it’s all due to the temperature drop in the last few days, tiles around San Pedro are popping right off the floor and the walls.  This morning it has dipped into the high 60s and there is a stiff northerly wind.  Sunny but COLD!

Upstairs at Banana Beach and then, this picture taken at my neighbors place at Royal Palms.  They were actually barricaded in their condo by the wonky tiles.

From what I hear, it was a bad shipment of adhesive that was sold throughout the island YEARS ago.  Air is caught beneath the tiles and when the temperature drops and then rises…it sounds like fire crackers going off.

Fixing it is a HUGE hassle (as you can imagine).  Ripping all the flooring out of your home and basically starting over.

Enjoy the fact that this isn’t YOUR house.

Very strange to me…any chance this has happened at your place?

And I know…I am getting no sympathy from 99% of you about the weather.  But I ran to the store (to keep warm) early this morning and passed people in full winter gear.  Coats, hats, heavy jeans, boots…please think kindly on all of us suffering down here in Belize.  Brrrrr…

When the sun finally emerged yesterday, my cat Rita tucked herself in the curtains (for added warmth) and got right in it.

Please continue to send me emails (or Facebook me) about what you want me to see…I’m headed up north later this week.  Stayed tuned.

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