Vivid Day for a Lunch Out

Yesterday, though quite windy, was a pretty flawless day weather-wise.  And since I am lucky enough to live right down the beach from Victoria House (one of THE BEST hotels on the island), I decided to go out to lunch.  By myself.  One of my favorite things to do.

I’ve gushed about VH’s staff, food and view before…but I am going to do it again.  It is an oasis of perfect service, cloth napkins (love, love, love them), a constantly full water glass and well…the view.  You can’t beat the one I had yesterday afternoon.  (I found some new “Vivid Color” setting on my camera…so this is a bit more blue…but you get the picture.)

Here is the bar/restaurant as you stroll up along the beach.

And my walk over…just north of VH is a very small, old school wooden house with lobster traps stacked outside.  Very Belize.  Super luxury resort next to wooden shack.

And a swimmer on the VH dock.

Anyway…I had a great Cobb Salad with huge chunks of blue cheese and walked thru the hotel to the front gate.  Equally pretty.  A lawn in San Pedro is a LUXURY.  Since the weather is pretty much rain-free from January to June, it is constant watering and maintainence.

Here is the difference between the true picture and VIVID COLOR!  In case you were wondering…it does brighten things up quite a bit.

The real Ambergris Caye view.

And my other version.  Tell me if you hate it…I won’t do “vivid color” again.  Well…I’ll try not to but I really like both ways.  And this vivid picture almost looks more like what I was seeing yesterday.

Today is a total repeat of yesterday.  Strong wind blowing in from the reef, sunny and gorgeous..

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