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A Gorgeous Day for a Birthday Party at The Snack Shack

Thursday afternoon was a beauty.  The breeze has died down a bit and the sun was shining…hot.  The sea looked gorgeous behind this fallen coconut tree.

Perhaps I found a new living arrangement…

This boat?  Barge?  Shack on a raft has a For Sale sign on it.

In the morning, I headed over to the Snack Shack to a surprise birthday party. I’ll be honest…I didn’t really know the birthday boy, Pineapple Willy but I had a good time.

The water aerobics ladies were hard at work…I was properly chided for not participating.

The Snack Shack has some cool events coming up…

And people started filling in…

Really really tasty food was served.  A great fruit platter with a fantastic cream cheesy, sweet and limey dip.  Kids would go crazy for this platter.

Lots of chips and homemade salsa.

And the tasty paninis kept coming.  The ham & cheese with lots of veg is the best panini I’ve had on the island.

Pineapple Willy, long time San Pedro resident, was tricked into coming to the party.  A friend asked him to help haul a giant piece of wood from the Snack Shack.  He arrived pushing a hand truck and was truly surprised.

Here he is trying on a new shirt.

The whole group posing.

I had to leave early before everyone got in the pool.  What a great spot to have a birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Pineapple Willy.

Please note:  The owners of the Snack Shack have closed this location and moved to Crazy Canuck’s Bar not far away.  Visit them there!

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