A Walk on A Breezy Day: A New Casino and Some Tasty Hog Fish

Yesterday was a beauty, warm, sunny and breezy.  The sea was pretty choppy and churned up.  Lots of sea grass was keeping the beach raking crews very busy.  I spent most of my day getting a serious sunburn on my face.  But I did get out of the pool for a bit.

There is a building going up on the Grand Colony dock…a dive shop I hear.  Early last week, a team was working on it feverishly for 2 or 3 days.  But for some reason, they stopped.

This huge dock was built 3 or 4 years ago…and then hardly used at all.  Except as a playground for the local kids.  It gets lots of weekend action.

All the little Optimist sail boats are drying off at Caribbean Villas after a weekend of heavy use by the San Pedro sailing club.  Love sailing and want to sponsor a boat or help a local kid attend an international competition for the first time?  Let me know…

Belize Yacht Club has enclosed their former lobby area and filled it with slot machines.  I guess they are dusting off the old casino license (their larger casino closed a few years ago).  They are also going to open a bar there.  Wonder how the residents of the BYC are feeling about this?

An employee indicated that he thought it would open “any day now”.

Dinner last night was at Caramba’s on Middle Street.  For some reason, I hardly ever go there.  But the food last night was REALLY good.  I am totally hooked on whole fried fish and a friend told me tht Caramba’s does it right.

We arrived early…but the place started to fill up quickly.  It seems like a good spot for large groups.

Conch season is closing early this year to try to give these guys a chance…to rebuild the population a bit.  Instead of the June 30th closing date, the season closes next week, April 24th.

Once inside, whole fried fish were ordered and the waiter brought out the fish so we could pick.

Into the fryer hogfish.  Sorry my bottom dwelling buddy.  Caramba’s brought a bit of complimentary conch ceviche to start the meal.  My favorite.

And the margaritas weren’t bad either.

Interesting bathroom set up…

Mmmmmm…just enough meat and tons of crisp.

A face only a mother could love.  This fish has some serious fangs.

I’ll be back to Caramba’s.  The menu is mostly seafood, simply prepared, and if all of the food is as good as this fish was?  We should all be back every night.

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