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San Pedro, Belize Residents Report Feeling Last Night’s 5.1 Earthquake In Guatemala

Oh course, I felt nothing.   But there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake reported on the border between Belize and Guatemala last night just after 6pm.  Check out this map of people reporting that they felt the quake.  Friends on the island but mostly on the mainland report feeling a tiny bit of a shudder.

You can see Central America’s fault lines in the picture below.  The west coast tends to have high mountains and scene active volcanos, along with a higher probability of feeling activity.  This map is titled:  Seismic Hazard Map…please don’t ask me to explain the scale to you…

But for comparison purposes, here is a map of Europe using the same scale.  Looks like you have a better chance of feeling a tremor in Rome than you do on Ambergris Caye.

This kind of activity is pretty rare around here…but I do love a map or statistics.  For more of them, check out  They’ve got some really cool charts and numbers (like the ones above).  They also have plenty of information about what to do during an earthquake…in case that little shimmy made you a bit nervous.

Quick trivia questions:  Do you know where the largest earthquake since 1900 took place?

Answer:  Valdivia, Chile in 1960.  The most powerful earthquake ever recorded at 9.5.  A large tsunami raced across the Pacific and devastated Hilo, Hawaii.  22 hours later, the tsunami reached Japan and killed 142 people.  Wow.

I’m working on my second blog post for today…pretty ocean pictures.  Should be much more uplifting.

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