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A Holiday, Continued Stormy Weather and A British Commonwealth Trivia Quiz

Today is a national holiday in Belize called both Commonwealth Day and Sovereign Day.  School, banks and government offices are basically the only things closed.Unlike the UK holiday Commonwealth Day, we celebrate in May rather than on March 9th.  In Belize and other countries, it is more a celebration of the Queen’s official birthday.  (Strange also since the Queen was born in April.)  According to Wikipedia, the date was chosen to coincide with good weather for outdoor ceremonies.  That makes sense…though this year, we are seeing the first proper stormy stretch of 2012.  Outside ceremonies…start putting up your tents.

Last night, we had a huge lightening and thunder storm that left some of us without power for about 15 minutes (not long…but enough to make me very thankful for my fans once they went back on).  The sky totally lit up during the late evening.

Here is what we are waking up to…rain is certainly coming over the horizon.

As an American citizen, the whole idea of the commonwealth is a bit foreign but totally interesting.  So I did a bit of research and came up with 6 trivia questions so that you could test your knowledge of the British Commonwealth.  You’d better be commonwealth smart (or being British will help)…some of these are very hard to me.

Here they are:

1.  Which commonwealth country has the largest population?

2.  This very pretty but outdated picture of Queen Elizabeth the Second is featured on the Belize $50 bill. (There are over 25 different portraits used of Elizabeth on various world currencies.)  How old is HRH in this picture?  a. 21  b.  35  c.  43  d.  51

3.  Which commonwealth countries is largest in land area?

4.  The Commonwealth Games (known originally as The British Empire Games) take place every four years with up to 71 teams competing.  The teams are from the commonwealth countries as well as some crown dependencies and island states.  The games include many Olympics sports as well as some strictly British ones  like “lawn bowls” or “rugby 7”.  There is only one female only sport at the Commonwealth Games…what is it?   Bonus point #1:  Bonus point #2:  Where were the 2010 Commonwealth Games held?

5.  All except 5 commonwealth countries are republics.  The five are either constitutional/parliamentary or absolute monarchies with their own sovereigns.  Can you name ONE of these countries?

6.  Prince Harry was just here (embarassed after dancing) in Belize to celebrate what occasion?

1.  India with over 1.2 billion people

2.  d.  51

This is the picture we see on the bill.

It was modified from this original to make the queen seem, well…nicer.

3.  Canada, at 3.9 million square miles.  Australia is second at 3 million square miles.

4.  Netball
Bonus #1:  Delhi, India
Bonus #2:  Synchronised Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics (softball was removed from the 2012 summer Olympics!)

Really?  Skirts?

5.  Brunei, Lesotho, Malaysia, Swaziland, Tonga

Here is a pic of the Sultan of Brunei…one of the richest men in the world who lives in insane luxury.

6.  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (or 60 years on the throne).

I could go on all day…this stuff is interesting.  May you have a very Happy Commonwealth Day!  And PLEASE let me know if you get these all right.  I’ll be VERY impressed.

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