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Funny to Me: Power Lifting at La Divinia Providencia

I shop at one of my favorite stores La Divinia Providencia in Escalante at least four times a week.  If you haven’t been, you can read about my love for these guys (and their location) here if you like.  They are a classic neighborhood grocery store and restaurant…super friendly and they serve some KILLER stuffed jalapenos each night.I have passed this sign inside quite a few times before.  It’s taped right over the frozen chicken and always catches my eye.

And since I am trying to get just a little bit fitter (the stuffed jalapenos have something to do with that)…I thought I’d figure out what this was all about.  Maybe I need to start dead lifting.    Spinning?  So five years ago.  Zumba?  So last week.  Maybe lifting cement blocks (yes…the kind you see them lifting in prison movies, a sort of felon fitness) might be a road I should explore. This John Mader looks like he’s in pretty good shape.

Here is the set up on the front lawn of LDP.  Two different sized barbells.

And the wooden bench for bench pressing.

The blue table is used most Sunday afternoon for a ROWDY game of dominoes and beer or rum drinking.  Now there is an activity I can really get behind.


A few guys were watching us circle the dumbbells…and they volunteered one who could lift it.

He did a nice dead lift…but his arms were definitely shaking when he got it up.  Impressive nonetheless.
My friend Jamie decided to try it next.  Mistake.  When asked for a quote after the attempt with the barbell, she simply said “I would not recommend it”.  And today she woke up with an extremely sore/pulled back.  I’m not touching that thing.

Oh well…guess I’ll hold off on our matching neck tattoos.

This dog (one of the 4 or 5 little guys that live at LDP…the rat pack, if you will) was bored by our antics.  Or maybe just disappointed by what wimps we are.

Side note:  I think I may have found the reigning champ, John Mader on Facebook…if he currently has a beard, wears leather chaps and his job title is Boss at Hustling.  Awesome.  Feel free to stop by LDP to take his title.

What was I posting about one year ago?  I LOVE Cave Tubing and Zip Lining with Searious Adventures!  So, so fun…I wish I was doing it right now.

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